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There were three in the bed, & the little one said...

By Valvoline, Aug 20, 2016 | Updated: Aug 20, 2016 | |
  1. There were three in the bed, & the little one said...

    Untitled-10 copy.
    CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster and another new NR peep, most adventurous to come out for a meet & greet on his beaut Firestorm - 1WDrive1WDrive . Both were patiently waiting at the meeting point as I rolled into the car park fashionably late. :shy:

    Today didn't look all that promising when the posse of 3 rolled out of Nerang into the mountains. Mixed bag of vehicles on the road, and not being able to determine which place would be better for encountering cars, we decided to visit some mountain areas that some had not seen since their combi-driving days in their earlier youth...
    Untitled-9 copy.
    Untitled-8 copy.
    A bit drabby and riding through the clouds provided some nice backdrop the the rainforest feel of the mountains. Mossy and wavy/bumpy sections of roads... just glad the wallabies decided to stay away from the road! However, after mid morning the greys moved over to reveal brilliant blue skies with whispy white puffs - a typical Gold Coast winter's day! (y)
    Untitled-11 copy.
    Canungra was the hub of activity today since it was the Canungra Show Day :coffee:. All mannerisms of country bumpkins rolled out in their utes, families in the SUVs and tonnes of riders seemingly leaving the area lol! :playful: Us included. Before the giant tourist buses would take over the tight and very skinny roads of Lamington National Park, we left the bustle behind. Up the mountain through some of the most technical riding (other than dirt) through these parts; narrow roads, pot holes, road dips, wildlife, tourist drivers, and large animal-dropped land mines covering sections or road - it is a slalom course for any rider!

    Untitled-6 copy. Untitled-5 copy.
    Lunch for Poies at The Outpost Cafe, some gravel dash up the goat track to Tamborine Mountain before we all waved off to our solo home-going rides :) Thanks for another awesome fun ride guys!
    Untitled-4 copy.
    Untitled-1 copy. Untitled-2 copy.

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