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The Wedding Cake - Mt Lindesay & Lions Rd loop

  1. Another gorgeous Queensland winter’s day, sunny, bright and 6min to 22max degrees. yeeehaaar! :cool:

    Needing to think about the next phase and not wanting to waste yet another gorgeous day off the bike, enlisted the help of 'Grandpa' for company and off we went (as he says: off like dead fish on a Qld summer’s day)! :oldman::wideyed:
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    Met up at Café Metz in Canungra, across the road from the infamous GC biker’s hangout and a-must pie shop – The Outpost Café. Discussed the future, random dribble and decided on the route to take for the day.
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    I’m taking full advantage of the fact that I’m now ‘used to’ riding in zero or minus degree temperatures (thanks Viccie for the training!) and we went out west. Mount Lindesay and Lions Road (Running Creek Road) at the Qld & NSW borders loop. The temperatures here are now divine and with full sunshine, couldn’t complain. icemakericemaker , you were curious about this ride, so here it is :couchpotato:

    Once past Beaudesert, where the roads opened up, the hills turned to dry grazing lands we also opened up the bikes and cruised to Rathdowney in no time flat. Then the best part begun: The 30kms section of twisties (30-45km/hr) corners, one after another commenced. With varying cambers, making it a very technical and interesting ride. Here thought you have to really be on the lookout for bumpy sections smack bang on the corners, where sometimes on an angle, it will feel like the bike will want to bounce you off! :nailbiting: You also have to remind yourself to keep your eyes on the road since the “wedding cake” look of Mount Lindesay in the near distance is just sublime.
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    Turning from Mount Lidesay Highway, crossing into the NSW border and into Summerland way, one really got to know what bad roads signposted at 80-100km/hr are like: There were larger potholes that half a bike could disappear into, road subsidisations and undulations that would definitely buck you off the bike!!. :nailbiting::facepalm: Usually they tell you to have light, relaxed hands on the handlebars – here, I would say the opposite. Hold on for dear life and to stop any tank slaps! Uggggh Pity, but this is such a fun piece of road.

    Unfortunately my phone started showing signs of dying and therefore it blacked out for part of the day, making it impossible for me to play pretend-photographer :cry:. Alas, it decided to return to life once I gave it a stern talking to at a rest stop. :devil:
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    From Summerland Way, the entrance to Lions Road was obvious, where the road is lined by a row of trees for a good kilometre or so. This gives the riders a good landmark to head towards but a little false sense of security of what the road is going to be like. It is not straight by ANY means, and it certainly isn’t as manicured as its entrance hints at.
    View attachment 57781 After this grand entry, the road wastes no time in turning, banking, swaying, and snaking between the interstate railway and Gladys Creek tributaries. There are 20km/hr corners, that snake under rail bridges of varying architecture types, and double back immediately onto single lane wooden bridges. Blind corners, with soft edges and no delineation on the road for lanes, and throw in the loose random goat or cattle on the road. All in all, this is a marvellous road to practice your technical riding and quick reflexes! :happy:
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    Halfway through this road once you ride into the Border Ranges National Park, there is a lovely lookout, where the highlight is where you can see something highly unusual – a spiral/loop in the rail line. This is the only way in which the trains are able to gain enough altitude to be able to make the mountain range crossing between the states.
    View attachment 57784 View attachment 57785 Here we also met a young couple from the Sunshine Coast that were doing a dirty weekend away to get to know this part of the world. They were running very very low on fuel. I decided it was time to give back to the riding community like all the amazing Netties have done so for me in my travels :woot: – so I offered some of mine and lead them to the nearest open petrol station. Being a Sunday, many of the little town’s service stations are closed in these parts. I also told them about the Forum and told them to sign up to this amazing community! (y)
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    I bid my farewells to everyone past Rathdowney and headed back to the GC at a more sedate pace to ponder travels in my own pace, and wallow in the vistas :snaphappy::playful:…. Tonight I think I’ll sit down to try and work out trip sadistics… I mean….sta-tistics. How many kms have I travelled in 4 months? How much cost on fuel/accom/food? How much has the skippy truly cost me?

    I have a funny feeling once I come up with a few figures, it’s going to hit me.


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