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The "warm human side of NR" - the worship roll call.

  1. I came on the NR scene around the 18-21st Feb 2016… and it became a love affair.... and then I (almost) monopolised the NR blog roll (SORRY!). :eek::unsure::shy:

    The blog was originally designed to put together some long term touring info for a short chick long term tourer on a bike not designed for touring – the KTM 390. This was because I couldn’t find enough info on other forums for this very specific topic. :ninja::bookworm:

    After that it morphed into helping me jot down & remember the names of places visited and a reminder of the amazing locations to my, ever growing album. Eventually this has gone through many phases and it is now a moving album of a collection of thoughts, visual delights and 'the human side of NR'. It is not only about technical trouble shooting and bike upgrades and bling.

    I departed the Gold Coast after 3 weeks of prep towards Melbourne. I went inland route to get to see many of the mountain alpine areas without snow, since I knew I was going to be riding back possibly smack-bang in the middle of winter and therefore wouldn’t be able to take the cold on my return journey.

    I left the GC having thrown the towel in to about 90% of what I knew of 'my life'. Sometimes doesn't matter how hard you row upstream, it just isn't enough... Everything from my house, to my job, friends, people, belongings, car, possessions, health, even my identity. I was countryless and stateless.
    SNOOPY crying.
    On the 23rd March 2016, things got ‘real’ for me. The trip finally hit me when I was sitting alone with the bike along the top of Bogong Alpine Way, at Falls Gap without phone reception… The previous 4 days of riding I was all scared and stressed moving ahead, but other emotions then pushed through – elation, excitedness and awe for the land. How can there be this much beauty?

    When your breath gets taken away. | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    What WAS I doing???? This was a make or break moment. When you are (literally) faced with a fork in the road. You can go back to the old life or push on to discover what you can encounter ahead. I had to physically fight the urge to turn back when later that day I saw the shape of Melb city centre engrossed in a greyish bubble, peering through a break in the vegetation looking down from Kinglake.
    But I forced myself to twist that throttle and point my front wheel towards Melb and go through legal appointments with consulates to get back first and foremost my identity (at least on paper).
    View attachment 57863

    I was mentally gearing myself to be self-sufficient in a big daunting city, but little did I know that it was far from the truth. Just before I arrived, the welcome carpet roll was started to be unfurled through a friendly invitation online by a gorgeous NR couple …. NedNed & BeeBee.

    That was the beautiful and heart-warming welcome that became the norm throughout my aimless travels throughout Oz, and as a testament of the Net Rider community spirit.

    I am at a loss of words on how to properly and poetically extend my thanks and gratitude to each and every rider I met, and the ones that I wasn’t able but have been in contact with me through NR…

    This is a roll call. Please stand up and bow. I salute you!!
    View attachment 57860

    uncle greguncle greg
    Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike
    Ghost chipsGhost chips

    Steve VtecSteve Vtec
    Andrew WestAndrew West
    Mr FlibbleMr Flibble



    OTHER NR MENTIONS (but unfortunately missed and was not about to meet)
    Rus LerRus Ler
    East Coast CruiserEast Coast Cruiser
    cool jesuscool jesus
    Flied LiceFlied Lice
    jonnymacjonnymac barry_mckibarry_mcki
    Mick MMick M

    The list goes on….!

    I also want to show my gratitude to all those that are not on NR, who I met along the way and extended a hand and shared some awesome travel stories.

    Cherryl M., John & Brownyn, Squishy, Clayton, Daniel T., Mick & Julian.

    For each and every one has had a hand in giving me back a building block to a solid foundation.

    View attachment 57858

    About Author

    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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  1. Bee
    Always a pleasure to hang with you chick!!!
  2. Petesul
    Would have loved to meet you! Like a few NRs I have yet to meet and so many I have met, I consider you a friend. Thanks for the mention ValvolineValvoline.
      chilliman64 likes this.
  3. Lazy Libran
    Been reading the blog and looking at all the pics..

    Missed out on meeting you so maybe next time. All the best..

    Keep clicking, keep riding and keep writing...

      chilliman64 likes this.
  4. chilliman64
    thank you for what you have done for us - you are inspirational and I am glad that I could meet you and spend some time with you to hear your story!
  5. DonJuan
    I'm sure many people on NR would also like to thank you for sharing your adventures and inspiring them to take the next step in their own adventures... me included!

    I'm pretty sure I'll eventually catch up with on one of my planned longer rides sometime soon!
      XJ6N, Steve Vtec, chilliman64 and 3 others like this.
  6. Mr Flibble
    Viv, your posts on both the forum and your blog have been a wonderful read, and the photos are inspirational. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, just sorry I wasn't able to join you on a ride. Next time.
      XJ6N, Steve Vtec, chilliman64 and 2 others like this.
  7. Eric
    I have found the same thing with rider here and overseas. And to me, I think I got more out of our meeting than you received. Thankyou for making me part of your trip. I know that somewhere we will meet again and ride. Until then we have NR to keep us in contact
      XJ6N, Steve Vtec, chilliman64 and 2 others like this.
  8. 69SIM
    Not only did we get to meet you, you in turn, got to meet me... the big git! ;)
  9. kate
    Viv this is a wonderful post. You were one of the first netriders to take me under their wing as I immersed myself in the world of two wheels. Certainly the netties I have met have been the most warm, generous and inclusive people... and you are the best example of eveything that is amazing about this community. Thanks for letting me be a little part of your trip!

    Very quickly I have realised that there is so much more to riding than simply jumping on a bike. There is so much about ourselves and life in general that riding seems to teach... While it was the thrill of riding that lured me into this two-wheeled world, it is the camaraderie and self discovery that keeps me coming back!

    Even though you have taken NR by storm, despite your celebrity status are still one of the most down to earth and humble peeps. You are a beautiful person inside and out and an all round cool biker chick! Thanks for including me in your journey.
  10. Oldmaid
    It was a pleasure to have met you and I hope we get to meet up again and share the twisty ole Oxley and battle some wasps on Kindee Bridge.
    Hope life improves in leaps and bounds for you no matter what you decide Viv!
    You will always have a riding buddy here in Port.:happy:
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