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The Waiting Game.

  1. So, I'm still waiting (any day now!) for a call from the Mechanics to pick up my bike.
    Ventured out to Aldi early Saturday morning (very early, I had a 75km one way trip just for the nearest Aldi!) and managed to score:
    • Motorcycle Cover
    • Carbon Fibre Gloves
    • 2 x CE Certified Jeans
    • Wet weather pants
    • A pair of motorcycle socks
    I was pretty bummed that I'd gotten all this new gear and my bike was naught to be seen in order to test it all out. But, I've been told, good things come to those who wait.
    I think I'll have to return the jeans as the knee guards are more akin to shin guards on a bloke of my stature :p

    I *need* some safe pants to ride in, and would prefer jeans so I don't have to change entirely when I arrive at work...but Draggins are bloody expensive and then I have to purchase the armor on top of them.


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