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The pleasures of bedding in a new motor.

  1. Yesterday was way way too tired to put up a blog and hence its being posted today:
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    Day started quite early and in much "nippiness". Cracked our the hot water bottle again <3<3^_^ Woke up before the alarm clock too excited to be able to bed-in the new lawnmower's engine without the weight of my full luggage & panniers - felt just as naughty and free as skinny dipping! :LOL::shy:
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    Off to the Great Ocean Road & surrounds for some fun in the hills with Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike. Struggled to keep my excitement below red(lining) levels & also finally being able to ride my own behind such suave and elegant BMW beast. :pompous::ninja: Talk about my bike looking like a toy next to it! Hehehe
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    Got back to Melbs in the arvo straight to clean up, pack up & shut shop. Once lawnmower was fully loaded with all bags, off I scooted into the fading light to get away from Melbourne's suburbia sprawl before it noticed (or I noticed the emotional goodbyes of a leaving!).
    View attachment 55718
    I arrived to my destination near Moe; Tired, cold & hungry & then proceeded to freak out with possibly disk/caliper brake issues. As It just turned out, I WAS just being irrational, cold, over tired & hungry :unsure::nailbiting:. Phew!

    When I first joined in Feb/March this year, someone stated in a thread, that if I came unstuck that there would always be someone with advice or on with a helping hand... And I tested it out. It's true. This was a testament to the NR forum power: thank you GeorgeOGeorgeO & Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike for after hours, & prompt remote tech support !!! Saved me from completely freaking out (y):joyful:
    I was more or less wiped out and found it hard to get my brain to function enough to blog. In true form, I get too excited and wanna cram as much as I can in a single riding day; and maybe yesterday was bordering on slightly too much! Lol
    Never mind, you only live once!

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    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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  1. Jeffco
    great read
  2. Valvoline
    GeorgeOGeorgeO ...done! Next whatever coffee you want is on me! :coffee:(y)
    Ps. Has to have proper milk to support Rus LerRus Ler 's black & white ladies ;)
      Rus Ler likes this.
  3. Wheres me Boike
    Yes, V, it was a big day for you.
    We probably should have trimmed the day a little. But, I suppose you have seen just another little snippet of Vic that otherwise you would not. Best of luck with the rest of your trip.
      Valvoline likes this.
  4. Eric
    Keep the reports coming. If you need to concentrate while riding in bad weather or a long day. It will take it out of you.
      kate likes this.
  5. kate
    So glad the lawnmower back! I bet the heated handgrips would have been nice on the GOR. It's wonderful to know the kind gents (and ladies) here on NR have your back!
  6. GeorgeO
    Don't thank me until you've seen the tech support charge.....:whistle:

    One double decaf skimmed flat white with almond milk, frothed
      Valvoline likes this.