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The Peninsula to the rider's Holy Grail.

  1. Aparently there are a few things that can keep me away from the bike... Besides the ridiculously weird & wicked Melbs weather; so was the biggest chest infection I've ever had... :grumpy::sick: Friggin' cold - my body doesn't like anything below 20 with an min of 99% humidity (obviously!).

    Not being able to stay immobile any longer & using the short window of what seemed to be 'good' weather by melbs standards off I went for a long/late day tour to visit the Holy Grail of Aussie riders .... PHILLIP ISLAND!

    Breakky was a special French banana & crepes. At an authentic French place, only big enough to fit 5ppl inside, plenty cozy with romantic music playing in the background.... The only romance this girl was experiencing, was from the chocolate & crepes! Get. In. Ma. Belly!
    View attachment 52666

    Heading south, I was rewarded with yet another "big" object straight over the bridge into PI :). The Big Wave...so I knew it was going to be a good day today.
    View attachment 52669

    Then came the moment every Aussie rider dreams of. The glimpse of such a fine track...
    View attachment 52670 View attachment 52671

    While in PI, also had to check out Penguin Parade, the point and of course being attacked by Cape Baron gesse while slowing down for them to cross the road...
    View attachment 52672
    View attachment 52674 View attachment 52673
    And of course, check out pretty little Cowes for biking memorabilia.
    View attachment 52675

    Pressing on, said goodbye to PI and headed over to the Mornington peninsula. Checked out some of the many delectable farms - cheeses, honey, apples, cherries, strawberries to get as many free taste samples as possible! :D The shitty thing about bike touring is that no matter how much stuff you want to take back home with you - you don't have enough luggage space! :facepalm:
    View attachment 52676

    Made my way to Portsea & Point Nepean National Park. Checked out Swan bay & the old barracks in its full sun setting glory.
    View attachment 52677 View attachment 52678 View attachment 52679 View attachment 52680

    Concluded that peak hour wasn't going to be fun & it was getting dark.... So checked out Arthur's Chair lookout - a most awesome light display of the entire bay!!
    View attachment 52667 View attachment 52668

    And top the night off with an hours soak in the Peninsula Hot Springs... Haven't felt more at home in temp since leaving Qld! Lol Highly recommended!!!:p<3

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