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The Oxley Rock & Roll

  1. Excited to finally be here - the day to conquer the Oxley Hwy.
    300+ corners, switchbacks, cambers. Tight twisties and long sweepers. Through isolated areas, little towns, pastoral lands, farms, logging forests, sclerophyll forests, large road cuttings, mountains, rock falls, As well as boulder falls & every other environ you can think of - into just one road! :eek::wacky:
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    It was an internal struggle to whether stop more often for photos or keep flowing with the corner after corner.
    Although it was a Sunday I was most surprised that there were hardly any cars - must have been the chilly conditions of the day, coupled with high cloud cover. As I heard, parts of the Oxley had received snow the night before and was going to for the next couple of days ....:oldman:
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    In the end I found a happy medium for taking photos mainly on the way back home & play climbing the Oxley :) Bellissimo!!

    Gingers Creek tea house is a good halfway point, where they tell me their Devonshire tea & scones are just something & you must get a souvenir t-shirt as a testament to your road conquest. :hungry:
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    It was a most cruisy & pleasant day spent with a well-known lady of these parts, OldmaidOldmaid. I had to meet this lady & her monster of a z1000 bike, Zeedy. As a fellow woman rider and being short in stature, I can only salute you for the effort, patience and careful handling of this 230kg beast of a bike!!
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    I'd be way too scared to handle such a metal beast and maneuver it places; seems I'm more destined for a ride-on lawnmower lol :whistle:
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    Best highlight of the day was riding over Kindee suspension bridge over the Hastings River in Ellensborough. Where you felt the bike reverberate the bridge deckings & you could see straight down without much protective side barriers! Scary! :nailbiting:
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    Second, was (of course) the BIG item for today; the big log (with lawnmower!) : Timber town log. Just can't stay away ;)
    View attachment 57224 And just for randomness, a fat bum giraffe at a pub.... :woot::snaphappy:
    View attachment 57225

    Next couple of days I'm going to debate with myself whether I want to brave the high coastal winds for the next stretch towards the Gold Coast, or the inland route with snow falls... I've never seen or been in snow on a bike - and it's a little daunting to say the least... What to do, where to go....? :wideyed::rolleyes:
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    About Author

    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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  1. 69SIM
    I still have my wooden goblet I got from Timbertown when I was six :)
      Oldmaid likes this.
  2. Valvoline
    Salt n VinegarSalt n Vinegar , cheers! I think it's turning into my own version of "motorcycle diaries"
    Steve VtecSteve Vtec lol it's fun, can't lie. But it can be tough on the road for so long ;-)
    Thinking about you mob! Youve got your own slice of paradise & a Syd A-Team to boot!
      69SIM and Steve Vtec like this.
  3. Steve Vtec
    :bigtears: This is the most jealous emoji I could find... Looks like you're having an amazing time!!!
      69SIM likes this.
  4. Salt n Vinegar
    I've been reading this blog from start to here, and no shit, I've felt like I've watched such a great movie. Very thought provoking and feelings induced! Keep it up, this blog is great.
      kate likes this.