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The Noobertron!

By Dna82, Feb 12, 2013 | | |
  1. Well, this is my first blog (thanks captain obvious!).

    Got my new Ninja 300 yesterday and have already clocked up over 200 k's... Took her up to maroochydore this morning, as I am starting work up there shortly and wanted to have a look around.

    I pulled into the shopping center there and found a Zarraffa's coffee shop so I ordered a Coffee fusion (minus the cream) and sat my self down, immediately I seemed to sense a general difference in the atmosphere there, it was so much more relaxed!

    So this prompted me to look at rentals in the area, if all pans out I am seriously considering moving up there if I can find a nice cheap place for myself lol.

    P.S I am really starting to enjoy life, always have been a slow learner...


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  1. Shiralee
    I love Maroochydore ! My sister & family live in Mudjimba, not far away, and until Jan this year our youngest daughter lived in Kuluin. There's some great places up that way for road-tripping - especially up around Montville and Eumundi.

    The life-style is so relaxed up there.

    We're hopefully going to ride up there over the next summer period... from Albury NSW mind you. We've planned it out, just have to organise enough time off work to do the trip.

    Happy home-hunting.
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