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The job at hand

  1. An interesting two days; where I'm not on the bike and I'm starting to come back down to earth.

    I'm sorting out the "adult" stuff such as tax, finances, job prospects, living arrangements & medical stuff. Blah blah blah. :yuck::cautious:

    Doctors are a funny breed. I like to have fun with them since generally they're so overly serious. The first GP I went to see hardly looked up at me. I explained about the skippy stack on the motorbike , my RHS knuckles and how the Melb GP said it was all clear but now wasn't.

    He then proceeded to ask me what happened & how I hurt them and which side I hurt. I repeated it. He just nodded and asked me again which side I hurt. At this point I knew he was prob thinking about his ciggie brake and told him i was annoyed cause I couldn't pick my nose properly since my fingers hurt....
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    This time he looked up and I finally made a connection with him. He proceeded to make educated comments like "you've hurt your hand" & "it's probably broken". Sheesh! I told him it was just soft tissue damage and he wanted to argue the point.
    So off I went for X-rays.

    The radiologist, however was much more lively and quite the humorous lady for she let me do this.... :). Unfortunately she didn't let me do "the finger" to show the uninterested doc that it was not a fracture. Oh well.
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    Back to the GP, & again no eye contact. And he made other amusing educated comments like "it's obvious not a fracture" & "it's gotta be soft tissue injury"....

    Off for an ultrasound next, with the hope I've just popped a joint ganglion or something less sinister.

    In comes the 2nd radiologist... Whacks on about a whole bottle of lube on my hand and proceeds to make a royal-mess and make disgruntled noises every few seconds.

    After a while he leaves and comes back with the nurse on duty. She also to reds to make more of a mess & make similar noises. Then SHE leaves and comes back with the Dr on duty for him to have a go with the ultrasound wand. He ALSO makes mumming noises and then stated "this is hard work!! You're doing my head in."
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    At this point I'm starting to freak out a little. But I think I know what's stumped them - so I point out the fact that I'm double jointed to the point where you can almost double back my fingers without pain.

    It seemed like I've just provided them their first "special" case where I'm so double jointed that it almost looks like I've got no connective tissue to ultrasound! Lol. I guess I have them a good hand job (pardon the pun!).

    They sent me off and told me they're gonna take a while to send the results back to the GP. Wonder what the GP is going to do next....

    On another note, I now know my trip is now def winding down and wrapping up: I now have employment secured.

    Back to the real world and back to the job at hand...

    I start next week!!
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    What am I going to do NOT on the saddle??

    Go riding tomorrow ! Haha

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