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The Great Eastern Entrance

  1. Finally arrived to the southern outskirts of Syd-dney. Yay! Excited for its one day closer to meeting the other east coast NR cousins! :D

    Today was mainly about hugging. Hugging the coastline all the way from Tathra to Woolongong.
    View attachment 56005
    Left with crisp, frosty but clear conditions. Intermittent valleys of low fog and some icy road patches. The most prominent however were the short sections of road works, of clean up crews due to the massive storm system that hit the east coast about a week ago. Fencing was down, trees were down and you could see a distinctive brown line of where flood levels had been. :eek:
    View attachment 56006
    Found this isor in the middle of nowhere, but was for a good cause, so took the opportunity to dump all my shrapnel to it.
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    From Tathra to Batemans Bay is what I would call a sedate amble for a bike ride. It's pretty due to the water crossings, lakes and bridges, however not enough meaty twisties to really sink your groove on. Photo opportunities against mirror-like waters were not lacking in this area.
    View attachment 56007
    First stop was Bodalla. Yet another chance to get me to pose in front of a BIG thing:couchpotato:... But alas, Bodalla's big cheese wheel was so (unfortunately) dilapidated that it doesn't feel right to advertise a city by that standard :stop: So instead; is the Bodalla cheese factory - which of course, was much savour end through the free cheese tastings (and by God, their milkshakes are the bomb!) lol :woot:
    View attachment 56008 View attachment 56009
    Next was Batemans bay, which was a chance for a rest, feed and dry riding kit off in the sun! First proper sun I've seen for what seems to be a millennia!! :happy:
    View attachment 56012
    Stopped at Nowra for fuel and a new GPS cable before deciding that due to possibly being a chance to get washed out for the weekend and thus missing out on the possibility of seeing the o'wonderous giant spud - I would head up Kangaroo valley and meet my destiny.
    View attachment 56013 View attachment 56014
    And. Oh. My. The Robertson Potatoe. Did. NOT. Disappoint!!! :joyful:This giant kangaroo suppository has now jumped to no.1 (or is that no.2?!):sneaky::whistle: position on my fave list of BIG things. Or a close tie with the Dadswell, VIC Giant Koala....
    View attachment 56015 View attachment 56017
    My day was done! :sneaky:
    View attachment 56016

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    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
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    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. Valvoline
    icemakericemaker ... Don't knock the potatoe. Someone has to love ugly things. I do! :)

    katekate I know YOU understand the meaning of missing the sun, you Darwinite :p I was purring.
    And yes. How classy did my lawnmower feel... An MG & 2 BMWs ... All classics. <3
  2. kate
    Free cheese and giant turd monuments. My two favourite things! Haha, but seriously, that warm sun looks amazing... And that highway photo, stunning. Do you still have time to get it into the photo comp?
    But can we please talk about that beautiful old MG. Tell me that belongs to a fellow NR!
      ljcoolio likes this.
  3. icemaker
    Haha, how awesome is the spud...........not!!