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The Golden glow of O'reilly's

  1. IMG_8516.JPG

    A huge thank you to Julian, The Motorbike Guru and Mick at MKR Engineering for giving my lawnmower a little, but much needed TLC. Suspension now set to my weight's specs, stand appropriately shortened, tyres checked, chain tensed, electric 12v cables fixed. For anyone in the GC, these two traders in Lawrence drive are worth it :) Much better than the Mc-chains of larger moto stores who treat your beastie like a mere number....
    I got the call to pick hubby up after lunch, and just couldn't help myself.... I took one look at the tripod strapped to the luggage rack... and... well... up the mountain I went! :cool: Of course one HAS to feel the workmanship in motion once the bike's had work done on it. ;)
    IMG_8499.JPG IMG_8494.JPG
    Today's mountain was O'reillys in the Green Mountains, was a' hollering louder than the rest. From Nerang to Canungra, and up the Lamington National Park Road right to end of the line. It is interesting that I found it to be in much worse condition that I remembered it, where many sections of road is subsiding, splitting and rock walls of weathered basalt is falling frequently. Littered with cow pats in the lower sections and loose soil on the upper reaches of it. However, this place is magical regardless of the road conditions... (y)
    IMG_8489.JPG IMG_8497.JPG

    The soft afternoon light was making the treetops glow gold. Well apt for a Gold Coast advertisement - The Green and Gold. The Hinterland meets the beach. In a place where sunshine reigns, and temperatures are warm compared to Viccie or southern NSW. Ahhhhhh the Qld weather: can't get better than this! :love: Veeery soothing to the soul.

    IMG_8503.JPG IMG_8507.JPG IMG_8514.JPG
    From amazing sclerophyll rainforest, where the sun rays are trying to push through the thick canopy, where the vegetation grows right UP TO the asphalt edge, to the light that filters through the bends at lower altitude. It's all a play of light and dark through this road.

    This was just what I may need; a re-introduction to my own local roads. Softly getting it into my head, that this magical carpet (bike) ride will come soon to an end.
    IMG_8524.JPG IMG_8523.JPG
    For now, enjoying a puuuurfect bike, with a home cooked, dinner made with love! :joyful: Oh, how I've missed home cooking while on the road!

    IMG_8530.JPG IMG_8533.JPG

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    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. XJ6N
    What a beautiful place Lamington National Park is! A colleague ran two marathons there recently and said it was a pretty place. Your photos support that opinion very well! As you've titled your blog post, the golden light in your photos enhances it wonderfully. Was it a glass of Bailey's on ice with your dinner?
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    1. Valvoline
      Indeed in all accounts XJ6NXJ6N ;-) indeed!
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  2. Valvoline
    katekate it is a great place to have as your backyard and I can't take credit for the meal!! I'm only good at making the bomb desserts! ;-)

    GeorgeOGeorgeO - I do!! I WILL get you a coffee one day :)

    chilliman64chilliman64 - no, not a White Russian (had to look up what it was! Lol) ... And yes... I will do a recap of all Netties that I've met: but it will take me a little logger because it has to be perfect. And it will be :shy:... Soon...
      chilliman64 likes this.
  3. kate
    PS - You are quite the chef by the looks of things! More food blogs please!! :)
      chilliman64 likes this.
  4. kate
    What a beautiful ride... and right at your doorstep. I used to go camping at lamington national park all the time when I was still based in brissie. It was definitely one of my favourite spots. So peaceful (until someone starts carving it up on their duke, that is!!! :p)
    There'll be no riding withdrawal when you have all that at your doorstep!!
    Ahh, now I miss SE qld!
      chilliman64 likes this.
  5. GeorgeO
    time to start planning the next trip! If you ever need an excuse to return to Sydney just remember that you still owe me a coffee.

    I have really enjoyed following your adventures. Remarkable what one can do with a lawnmower really.
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  6. chilliman64
    home to sleep in your own bed after a nice meal and what looks like one of my favourite beverages (a white russian by any chance?)

    awesome pics!

    have you done a count of how many Netriders you met IRL? time for roll call methinks.
      Valvoline and Rus Ler like this.