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The 'Discharge' in the mist.

  1. D-day. The epic welcome ride to Sydney and it was mostly washed out. Had to be put off for an hour or so while everyone decided whether to actually go or not due to wet roads and drizzle/rain.
    In the end the call was made to can it and try again later.

    As it turned out there were two hardcore riders in the midst AyeKayAyeKay & cool jesuscool jesus who turned up, on time at the original meeting place. Trophies for participation for the two soggy moggies! :brb::shy: Good on you guys !! Impressive.
    View attachment 56139
    About lunch time and unable to sit at home any longer and having these two out-stage us, icemakericemaker & myself saddled up to head up to the misty mountains in search of more photo opportunities and to get the bikes dirty.

    Locations visited were; Kiama blowhole & lighthouse via Jamberoo, Jamberro pass, Robertson, MacQuarie Pass

    View attachment 56140

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    View attachment 56143

    You oculd tell it was winter since some bushes in Jameroo township decided to sneeze all at the same time, causeing a lovely pink snot fest on the groung. Quite pretty - cold machine meets English garden.
    View attachment 56154 View attachment 56142

    Jamberoo Mountain Road provided two bikers with the perfect corner to sate our vanity and try out selfie bike mode. Pity the road was so wet unabling us to do proper cornering techniques and leaning the bike over to the edge of the tyre.... or so I'll stick to that excuse to hide the fact that I can't reduce my chicken strips to zero! lol
    View attachment 56145 View attachment 56146 View attachment 56147 View attachment 56148

    Then the fog, mist and general wetness set in and made our visibility more interesting... Especially the pass towards Carrington Falls more interesting.
    View attachment 56149 View attachment 56150

    As the final jewel in the crown viewing pleasure before stating to head home, we stopped at Robertson to pose with the great brown discharge sculpture that makes the area most loved and famous.... The turd in the mist! As you can see icemakericemaker was most chuffed by it, in its full misty glory.
    View attachment 56151
    To keep in theme, we had to stop at the Rockerbella's Roadside Diner to quieten the tapeworm and true to form, ordered home-made potato crispy wedges while we admired the brown and grey-out view.
    View attachment 56152 View attachment 56153

    Once visually and tummy sated, headed down the Macquarie Pass. Great, overall surface conditions (except the 2 one-lane, traffic light sections) and all down hill. Sweet delight, smooth tar under tyres, and wishing just a little that it was dry to really appreciate what this lawnmower can do without having to struggle up hills.....

    End of day, all bikes tucked into their beds for the night. Riders home to dry off, cozy with a heater. Misty wet but nice day anyhow. Thanks icemakericemaker for your directional leading through the passes :) (y):joyful:

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