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the beginning

  1. Well I am new to blogging and not sure how it will go. So lets start.
    But where to start?
    at the beginning?
    now and look back and forward?
    or from where i am going?
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  1. Aly
    oh and last year I ate sugar...I put on 10kgs. I've lost 3 in the last 3 weeks and I ate so much crap on the weekend it wasn't funny (but no fructose). Sugar makes us fat as our body doesn't recognise when we eat fructose. It doesn't "count" those calories. So it makes us eat more.
  2. Aly
    Fructose in fruit is fine as it has the fibre still in it to balance it out. Fructose is half of normal sugar though (the other half being glucose). They add it to everything nowadays. Even 100 years ago we didn't eat fructose except for the occasional piece of fruit or a little bit of honey. We have a hell of a lot more heart and stroke problems nowadays. Some of the studies mentioned in the book are downright scary. They call it sweet poison for a reason.

    Read the book....all other foods are back on the table (yes, even pasta and bread) we just dont eat fructose. I'd kill people if I had to give up pasta.
  3. Slow Coach
    Fructose? I have to stop eating fructose? but i love fruit with out carbs like pots, pasta and bread I feel i need something.
    I will see if i can get the book and have a read.

    Cheers Rob, I have tried st Johns wort tablets and do not feel they help, but will try the tea. any idea of where I may get it.
  4. robsalvv
    Keep up the exercise bro, those endorphins are natural anti depressants. Apparently pineapple is too. And see if you can find a St Johns Wort Raspberry tea... it used to do wonders for my ex who was getting mauled by the black dog.
  5. Aly
    Without a doubt it will be Fructose. http://sweetpoison.com.au

    I am now the fructose nazi. Yes, my family now hates me but that's because they cant see through their sugar haze and cant understand why I'm rarely hungry now.

    I read the book and have been off fructose for three weeks and have never felt better. Let me know if you want to borrow the book.
  6. Slow Coach
    I have started Aly. But did not go to class last night as was destroyed from the last two days of hard training, ie cycling to school and PT sessions.

    Well woke up this morning thinking I should cycle to work, mind was weak as well as the body so wimped out and took the car. Hopefully PT session will make up for it tonight. Even with the added exercise I was looking forward to a different result on the scales but ho hum up it keeps going. No idea what I am doing wrong but will have to sit down and look at what I am doing.

    Well I ave entered a few silly events already this year- but need the weight to drop or I have no chance.
    entered- The Geelong half marathon, Puffing Billy race, Urbanathlon, Tough Mudder (sept).
    Still need to find some triathlons.

    My training and cycling had started to lift the black cloud and give me some hope of seeing some light, but again my failures have dropped it again and sent me back into my world of darkness. Maybe I should just stay here and stop fighting, maybe I should be greatful for my lot in life, many people have a lot tougher times so I should be thankful. But i am not, I know I wake up every day, but what if this is not what I want to happen every day. Maybe I do not wish to wake up to trudge through the same darkness, to fail, to set goals that you do not reach, spending your time as a failure is not the way I was told life is meant to be. 41 years old and I still have yet to learn or accept what life is about. Oh well need to stop this mopping around and apply for some more jobs that I will not even get interviewed for. I love wasting my time but this is what my life is becoming, a waste of time.

    Wow that was a cheerful post.
  7. Aly
    you do Yoga?
  8. robsalvv
    Shame, I'd be interested in your ramblings and thoughts... which could actually be one and the same thing.

    Goodluck bro.
  9. Slow Coach
    Well does not look like this blog updates. I typed something yesterday and it did not post up. oh well, think i will give up since i do not have the time to look into why. pity would have been good to have an area where i could put my rants and acheivements etc.
  10. Slow Coach
    Well you guys are full of loads of advice.

    I have had to fight hard this week to try and refocus on my goals for 2013 and 2014. I am being totally distracted with the present and this is not allowing me to put in place processes that will allow me to acheive in 2013 and beyond.

    This morning I wanted to go for a run but the doona was too heavy. So I have now arranged to cycle to work on wednesday and friday this week, round trip of 50kms. Will see how that goes.

    I must get back to more training as I have now entered for the geelong half marathon and also trying to enter the Puffing Billy race. Will enter Tough Mudder winter tonight before Yoga as well.