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Suzuki gs500E with 127,000km on it.. SHould I buy it or is it just wrecked by now?

  1. Hi there,
    I currently have a lams gt250 and want to upgrade to a bigger lams bike that i can keep even when i have my opens. this gs500e seems really neat and tidy with new sprockets, chain, tyres etc. very cheap too. so im wondering.. Is it worth buying or even if it was only 10 bux is it still not worth it cos it's just f?#! from too many km's on it.


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  1. Darren96
    hi there mate,
    ended up grabbing a vtr250. decided I wasn't too worried about power at all and was just after something that looked good and would last. and a honda it is. love my honda's.
  2. Bandit01
    GS500s are a darn beaut machine. The twin motor has been around for years and overall the bike does everything very well. I must admit that 127,000kms is a lot and you shouldn't expect to get a heap more out of it, but if it has been regularly maintained and the price is low enough, it would be worthwhile as you next step up bike. Check the service history, look for oil leaks and for a smokey exhaust. If the bike looks in good condition on the outside and the service history is good, it's worth a close look and an offer. Please note GS500s are still a LAMS bike but I know many people who have had them for years and ride with GSX-R1000s, R1s etc and have no problems keeping with and touring on them.

    Let me know how you go