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  1. Now that I have my full licence it was time to upgrade.
    I bought myself a very nice CBR600RR.. not too big a step up from my old VTR250, and for me, a very exciting time for me!

    Which leads me to this week's big milestone. I have just sold my VTR, my very first bike, to another starting out on their own 2-wheel adventure.

    It was wonderful to watch the anticipation & nerves of the newly christened LAMs rider as they circled 'my' bike, wondering if it was for them... It was hard to make a similar assessment of them... are they worthy of my bike? Can I part with my old faithful and let them take it home? Will they love it as much as I did? Crazy right!?!

    The VTR and he were a match and today I waved goodbye to my first... Bittersweet.
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  1. hellcat
    Hi ljcoolio ... I got the feeling that they were a little nervous to ride, still new to the whole 2-wheels bit, so the test ride question didn't get raised. Payment was made in cash on pick-up... hope that helped some.
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  2. Rus Ler
    Did a group ride(rally) a couple of weeks ago in the Blue Mountains, 52 bikes in all. I find it more tiring than riding on my own, apart from the normal watching the road in front, the road 200mts ahead and what's behind you, there's the bike in front, all the bikes as far as you can see in front, the bikes behind, I just seemed to be busy the whole time, did 3600 km in 8 days(3000 km "commute"), most of it by myself and the most tiring was in a large group, however I do enjoy the company just a lot more to concentrate on. Just been on a group ride -11 bikes on the western end of the Great Ocean Road for a couple of hours but I'm use to them and their riding styles
  3. hellcat
    Hey Rus... right now, it feels like I'm having to learn to ride all over again as I get used to the change in bike... once I settle in, the next step in my own adventure is to join a group ride out one of these days :)
  4. Rus Ler
    Great to be able to pass on your bike to another newbie, however, apprehensive of how they will treat your baby, good luck with your CBR