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Slowly, slowly.

  1. Well, I figured I might put an entry in here. Who knows if I'll keep up with it, but recently I've found myself perusing others blogs and found the writings quite helpful.
    I am a Learner, had my permit for about three weeks now.
    I have a 1987 Suzuki DF 125cc. It's old, but does what I need it to.

    The maximum posted speed in my tiny little rural town is 60km/hr, and that's only on the way out of town. There aren't even any traffic lights here!
    I am using the bike mainly for commuting purposes, however didn't come fresh into motorcycles; I rode a dirt bike quite frequently as a kid/teenager.

    My "dream" bike is simply an older model Yamaha Virago - something that's not brand spanking new so I won't cry when/if it gets scratched, but something I can certainly polish up and be proud of. Also something that can eventually get to the 100kms/hr speed required to visit nearby towns/fun rides.

    I've been taking the old girl out each day after work for an hour or so, practicing in back streets to gain confidence and get to know the bike a bit. Pretty similar to the bikes I used to braap around on in paddocks, except this one has a speedo and lights/indicators. Ha.

    This morning before work I had arrange witth the local bike shop to take the old girl in for a service, and to fix an unknown squeak coming from the rear.
    Problem was; I was shitting myself! I had to take the bike on "major" (you'd piss yourself laughing at that description; tiny comparatively to anywhere else) roads for the first time in morning traffic. My Wife was tailing me in the car so she could give me a lift back to work. It also included a few sweeping corners which, while scary, were fun.
    All went really well, I survived and had a rather large grin on my face when I arrived at the LBS. Wife gave me the thumbs up, said I rode really well.

    LBS said I'd have the old girl back before the weekend, so I'm happy with that. Now I can ride with confidence in the machine itself as well as learning more road craft skills.


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