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"Slowly ... slowly" said the tortoise ...

  1. Little by little - albeit slowly enough to drive most people insane - I can feel improvements. I actually changed lanes between cars without waiting for a massive gap yesterday - whoo hoo - go me! ha ha ha I also didn't wimp off into the left lane coming home and turn around rather than slowing down in heavy traffic and turn right into the skinny turn that leads to my place - victory! Baaahahaha I am so easily impressed with myself! ha ha ha

    Today it's time to bite the bullet and go for a ride in the heavier and not so flexible boots ... baby steps but that's okay ... I have nothing to prove to anyone and I don't care how long it takes because I love every minute of it :)

    Had fun at the cones yesterday and a big thanks to Nic for taking some shots for me - I compared them to my first Netrider session and there is definitely improvement ... it's just taking it's sweet ass time! ha ha ha (Note I names the photos Lean - well it was for me! ha ha ha)
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