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Should know better.... still loved it!

By OJVSTAR, Oct 10, 2013 | |
  1. Friday afternoon, havent been on the bike for 2 months due to broken arm.... woe is me!

    Finish work at 4, SO keen to hit an hour of pure blissful sunshine and take a ride out the back windy roads of Kyogle Northern NSW. Absolutley stunning... Gonna miss this place.

    Take a back road home.. I mean back road, houses are scarse, its a skinny road, lots of pot holes to keep your witts about you but a lovely ride. Enjoyed myself so much i ran the tank dry... I ran reserve dry!! What tha?

    Then have to push my 230kg bike to find a house i trust and dont mind leaving it at. Finally push it up some old blokes dirt driveway and he couldnt care less if i left it there - feeling nervous. I then set out for my walk to town with all the bike gear on in 35 heat. Finally make it to the old servo at the back of the road, Pay $45 dollars for a 5Lt Jerry can that cost me like $11 to fill - flaming outrageous!! I should have left it and walked back home and sat with my bike for 3hours and wait for someone to finish work and save me JUST OUT OF PRINCIPLE!!

    Make my treck back to my bike praying and hoping she is still in one peace (Im so attached to that thing its insane) Fill her up, get the juices pumping, strap my empty jerry can to my bag using some old cord - like helll i was leaving that thing behind, im certain its lined with gold for the price of it.
    Made my ride back home and filled her up properly and promised to never neglect her the same way.

    2 Days later did the same thing, made it half way down our driveway and pushed her home... The guilt, the shame. I swear i dont mean to disreguard the poor gal, i just enjoy her company so much i forget she need sustenance!!

    Hope this didnt bore you, good for a chuckle.

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