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Shaken but not deterred ...

  1. My day of firsts:

    Well, deciding this morning that I should put on my brave mindset and take on Nepean Highway, I headed out with a destination in mind. Nervewracking given my very limited experience but we made it there with only one honk at a set of lights. Stopped to take a proof positive photograph that I had indeed taken on Beaconsfield Parade and Nepean Highway, travelling from St Kilda West to Bentleigh, it gave me time to stop shaking :) Little was I to know what still lay ahead.

    So heading off to meander my way back, I headed down Marriage Road when a hummer came blasting up my rear and nudged me holding his horn in the whole time until I could find a space to pull over - I absolutely needed to get out of this guy's way, rightly or wrongly. A little shaken I continued until another vehicle decided to pass between myself (I was in the middle of the lane) and the oncoming traffic - I stopped as I was a little rattled. Unfortunately I stopped on a hill and on a road that curved down to the curb ... not a wise move ... first drop of the bike.

    A rather sore hip from hitting the cobblestone edging and a bit of a sore back, I was relieved to see the bike was not hurt ... I was more worried about the bike than myself, much to the amusement of two very kind people walking past that were worried about me - ha ha ha

    So a 5 minute rest and I knew I had to climb back on and face Nepean Highway again. So off we went and I was determined not to get shoved off the road again. All was going well until I was travelling along Beaconsfield Parade sitting comfortably in the middle of my lane, thousands (well slight exaggeration .. but heaps!) of cyclists to my left and travelling at about 58kph which I thought was reasonable and in my comfort zone when this Audi roared up behind me, honked, then squeezed between the cyclists and myself (and I was not moving into the traffic on the right!) and then hurled abuse at me as he went past. Next was my first bout of profanity coming from my helmet! ha ha ha

    Finally home, I was glad to put Jet to rest and take a wander up the street for a much needed coffee.

    My motto for today: Shaken but not deterred!!
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