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SEQ mountain trifector

  1. Making use of the amazing sun shiny weather of SEQ, another day was spent on the bike appreciating new routes - this time behind BrisVegas.

    This time I enlisted the help of CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster to be able to see the sights and also help me to find another BIG item off my list - the giant red back spider. He was most obliging to help me find it :happy:

    Frustratingly we were not able to locate it, since at the address where I had it, was shut down and was just a bulldozed empty land lot! Noooooo :cry: I was so so looking forward to it! View attachment 58229

    The disappointment didn't last for since the day was just beginning and we had lots of other places to see.
    View attachment 58219
    Today was meant to be the showcase for Brisbane's hinterland and mountain displays....
    Starting with Mt Glorious. It truly was glorious due to the whole road being dry and the surface being in good condition. :geek:
    View attachment 58224
    I can now see why this place claims so many bike bodies on a regular basis... Not every corner is sign posted, the cambers are all different in each and every tight corner! :nailbiting:
    View attachment 58223 View attachment 58221 View attachment 58222 View attachment 58225 View attachment 58231
    Some of the lookouts up there are truly amazing showing the Brisbane, Samford & Sunshine Coast valleys... Other riders seemed to have the same idea as we did! Hehe Adding a little more Ducati class to my lawnmower :ROFLMAO:
    View attachment 58220 View attachment 58230
    From city traffic to heavy eucalyptus wooded areas, to lush semi-rainforest, to lookouts, rolling green hills, and past pineapple plantations to get to see the Sunshine Coast hinterland volcanic plugs interrupting the vistas. My Mee, Mt Glorious, Mt Samson. Nice!
    View attachment 58232
    Just a little pre taste of what the Sunshine Coast will offer very soon...
    View attachment 58228 View attachment 58226
    Thanks CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster & your Ducati monster for a wonderful day! :LOL:(y)

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    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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  1. chilliman64
  2. Andrew West
    Please turn the sun down it's hurting my eyes :mad:
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  3. GeorgeO
    I wish I didn't have to work.....