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Sailors get up early on Sundays!

  1. Okay, so it was time to get up early and try out all those tips I got yesterday at practice. Set the alarm for 5am - I mean it's Sunday, I shouldn't need to do the 3am or 4am run - right? Wrong! Beaconsfield Parade never sleeps and reaching the Elwood carpark neither do sailors! How rude! ha ha ha

    Anywho, pulling out of my driveway it was time to practice that whole revving higher gig and getting up to speed quicker as I had nervously attempted in the carpark yesterday - whow, does my little Ninja move when you give him the juice - Rocket Man started playing in my head! ha ha ha

    Now much to amusement of all you experienced riders I am sure, the one thing I wasn't prepared for ...

    Rev, speed, check - all good. Pull up at the lights, rev, speed, 60kph - curves! OMG sh** sh** sh** I gotta go around these curves with walls on one side and cars on the other! Ass back, body down, you can do this Dianne - remember Valentino and Focus!

    YES! Made it, now change lanes - head into the carpark and get yourself a well deserved coffee :) Oh cr** where are all these boats and trailers coming from!?! Don't they know I wanted to do some figure 8s this morning?

    That's okay, let's grab a coffee. Reaching for my inside pocket - what the!?! No little wallet. Oh sh** sh** sh** that means no learners permit! Cr** ... oh oh, flashing lights pulling into the carpark. Stay calm and just do some laps of the carpark .. what am I hearing now? Say a little prayer for me!

    So escaping the law and more trailers entering the carpark it was a few more laps, imagining cones, leaning and time to take on the road again. Rev to 9, rocket off, face those scary curves at 60kph, more cars, head saying "that big mother will stay in his lane, he will - he will - he will" ha ha ha And rocketing (for me) up to my turn, changed down gears quickly smoothly and took that tight (for me) turn to head back to my place.

    How do I feel now as I have changed out of my gear and into day clothes, enjoying a coffee and writing this little tale of adventure ... easy :) Two words *F*** Yeah!* ha ha ha

    ROCK ON!!!


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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    Sweet! Little exhilaration there and a dodge of the big blue as well. Great work.
    Rocket man you say? Try this one.
      Diantra likes this.