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Riding through a grey day in the GC - new roads to explore

  1. I woke up startled to the sound of an alarm clock. Pure rudeness! This is not something that I am no longer used to... but something that I will once again have to get used to. It took me about a week to ditch the habit when not in a j-o-b. But now having one & starting next week, is something I feel is going to take me about a month + to get used to it!
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    I got ready and went to see if there were any other Gold coastian NRs at the starting point for the discovery ride. Unfortunately there were none, so I picked a direction to take off to, saddled up and left for Canungra. Stopped at the Metz cafe for a quick mugga choc and decided on the day's route. Since I didn't have company, I was determined to get myself lost, find a few new roads and hopefully find some dirt tracks too o_O.

    Pretty soon I had my area picked and off to start the day's adventures. It wasn't long before I found Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike 's location ;). Well I never! View attachment 58614

    From there I was mesmerized by the different grey-ish patterns of the clouds - uncharacteristically grey this morning for a GC day! It was most pretty.
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    From Canungra, over Beechmont, to Hinze Dam & Numinbah Valley into NSW and Chillingham, where I had heard about a BIG 2 peas in a pod, but had never found them - until today! :LOL: Yay! Kinda made me want to eat some Edamame :happy:
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    From there, through the cane fields, skirted Murwillumbah and this is where it got interesting. There are many MANY roads out the back of this place, that's almost unmarked, and looks like a spaghetti bowl. Unknown whether dirt or sealed, I picked a couple and hoped for the best. No GPS usage in this occasion!

    What resulted was in many stops, double backs but also in some amazing flowing tight corners through some of the prettiest and thickest rainforest environs I've ever ridden through. With flowing streams and rushing causeways to break up the green wall of vegetation - Kinda reminded me of the Tarra Yarra Valley and Gippsland all rolled into one - minus the ridiculous cold!
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    This is yet another location where I just was wishing I had a better camera with filters. :sorry: Xmas can't come soon enough to ask father Xmas for one. :angelic:
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    By the end of the road exploration, it became clear that A) I need to wash my poor lawnmower, and 8) I'm SO getting 50/50 tyres for the next set!! I'm beginning to live getting down and dirty (on new tracks)! lol :hilarious:
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    At the end of the day, getting off the bike, it was time to stretch the legs. Ended up going for a walk around Emerald lakes for a bit of foot action and some stretches.
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  1. chilliman64
    beautiful pics - the one of the lawnmower between the fence is great!
  2. Valvoline
    XJ6NXJ6N , yeah job :cry:!
    Thanks, but as someone v knowledgable in this field said to me once (not mentioning any names NosohNosoh) it's hard to take a bad picture if you're in a beautiful place. :) Mother Nature is the best!
    SibiSibi; it's a new, old job. Old job, given back, with (apparently) new conditions.... What those are I don't know just yet, but I did say all of March 2017 off for riding :)
      XJ6N likes this.
  3. XJ6N
    Hell's teeth, ValvolineValvoline; a job?! Nice to see you making the most of a weekday today then. Those rainforest roads and the creek look beautiful - you definitely get the most out of the camera you have.
      Valvoline likes this.