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Riding in the Wet

  1. Its been raining on and off over the last two weeks, seriously curtailing my practice
    But it was the Learner Session again today that pushed me out on the road for my first ride in the rain :)

    Took it easy, stayed upright... got to practice and back home safe but ended up a little wet...
    Not sure I'm a fan

    note to self: an investment in rain jacket & pants might be a good idea


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  1. hellcat
    hmmm.... got out in the rain again (thats twice now)... I did have a rain jacket so my top was toasty warm.. but I really missed having my legs protected from the rain.... so while I was a little soggy I learnt a lot from practicing the skills test elements on a wet surface.

    note to self: please please please get some waterproof pants before riding in the rain again! :(