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Rider Training at Sandown Racecourse with Ride-Tek MTA

  1. Well, took myself off today to Sandown Raceway in Noble Park for Advanced Road Rider Training.

    Up way to early for a Saturday to be out the door at 7:30am, ready for scrutineering at 8:30am

    Cloudy and overcast, but the weather gods where on our side, and no rain was seen or felt.

    Maybe 35 odd participants, probably 40% women, one chick on a Busa 1300 even. But she was'nt pushing the 'busa anywhere near its potential. Age range from 18 to almost 80 I reckon. Ave probably in the 30 - 40 range.

    Mix of the standard theory of Head Up, Look where you want to go type stuff. Be aware, yada yada.

    We were taken out for follow the leader rides for the morning, mixed with more lectures before each ride. Limited to 100km 'road speeds' and no overtaking anywhere but back and front straights.

    Pizza for lunch, so I was happy.

    After lunch, the leaders dropped off, and we were let loose to go as fast as we felt comfortable riding, whilst practicing lessons learnt.

    Managed to crack 160 clicks on the front and back straights. Nice to be able to open the bike up without fear of the local constabulary pinging you.

    Needed to take more notice of my revs, as was often hitting the limiter up both straights due to over excitement on my part. Also found the bike gets a bit squirmy under hard braking from that speed. Had to ease up in the last session, as I started feeling it, and figured I'd pushed hard enough.

    Spoke to one bloke when I got back, on an 800 twin of some sort, he was amazed that my little CB400 would outrun his bike. He said he took off quick to give me space, but by the time we got through the first corners and thru the bends and then on to the back straight, I just left him behind. I reckon he didn't know how ride a bike, as I still don't believe my cee bee can outrun an 800cc bike if they're really trying.

    All in all, a great day out. The fact that you can cane the bike if you choose to made the day. Of course, if you do bin it, your probably not insured.

    Was also happy once I reckon that I had ABS as I was pulling it up at the end of the back straight. Eyes wide open after that. :nailbiting:

    View attachment 38361

    Gave a noobie girl a shadow back to Preston, as she was on a 125 and a tad overwhelmed by the distance to the circuit. My good deed for the day.
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  1. Pompy
    Sounds like a great day, think I have now made my mind up, I doing this(y)
  2. Gooza
    With YOUI who I am with, no cover on a Race Track, even if it is 'training'. Mind you, you still wont push 100%, as is its a tad fast if you do fcuk up. :chicken:
  3. rcheli32
    Thanks for sharing, I didn't know about this one...
    I have spoken to my insurance about training on tracks and they said as long as you are keeping it under 100kmh you are covered....I'm not sure who's ever had that conversation with their insurance though, trying to convince them you were doing less than 100 at the time...?