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Ridelog and musings

  1. Yesterday marked two weeks with my new bike, and two weeks I've been riding. It was also my second time at Saturday practice.

    I've been pushing my boundaries at every opportunity. I rode my bike home from the shop, I've ridden at night several times, ridden in the rain, ridden at highway speeds, and have started commuting into work on the Monash.

    Practice sessions are good, with excellent discussion, good pointers and the words "Turn your f'n head" ringing in my ears each time I ride. :)

    I've watched twist of the wrist II which explains a few things about bikes, and our brains, and I can see my own survival reactions kicking in when I ride. I feel I've been provided some excellent theory to go on with over the course of the next few months. I plan to trying and work on improving a skill with each ride. At the moment it's several skills - situational awareness, smooth throttle control, turning my 'f'ing' head, ownership of my lane, etc. All goodness.

    I've put maybe 450km on the bike now, it'll be due it's first service in 2-3 weeks.

    Up to now all my riding has been in town. Up and down the Monash around my local area, in and back to Sat. practice and across to Boronia and Dandenong.

    I decided that I should head out of town slightly so this morning I snuck out around 6am for a quick squirt to the end of Wellington Rd and back. It was pretty cold and had been raining. My visor fogged up immediately, even having it slightly cracked wasn't helping so opened it a bit more which was a bit on the cool side. Pinlock visor and shield are on order which will hopefully sort the fogging problem.

    A bit further down the road and the heavens opened. This wasn't drizzle but decent rain. For the most part it didn't cause any discomfort so all good. Anyone that knows Wellington road knows that doesn't have any particularly nasty bends, though I was probably over cautious with the rain. Something I found refreshing was not having to work quite so hard watching for traffic all around me as the road for the most part isn't multilane.

    Stopped at the farmers market in Mulgrave on the way back. Grabbed some veg (love the topbox) and had a nice hot coffee and bacon and egg roll and headed home.

    Some other observations from the ride - cuffs of my long sleeve tshirt and jeans were wet, even though the sleeves of my jacket were tucked into the gloves and the cuffs of the textile pants were velcro'd relatively tight. A patch on my stomach was well as well - not sure how the water got there. Also toes were wet. So much for 'waterproof' boots. None of it was particularly bad, but then the ride wasn't particularly long.

    One other observation as my bike brain develops, and it's a hangover from the car. After 20 years of driving I've developed a bit of a routine. Start car, seatbelt on, in gear, handbrake off, drive. On the bike, I'm generally geared up and the bike is started. I swing a leg over, side stand up, put it in first, and I feel like I'm missing something, almost like putting a seat belt on or something.

    I'm glad the blogs are working so I can dump these thoughts. :)
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  1. Bill M
    Nice work mate. Next time on Wellington Road, push it out to Emerald, then on to Launching Place. You'll find some excellent roads, some good twities, and not much traffic.
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