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Reversing into my bike, Seriously?

  1. :beating: [​IMG] [​IMG] Im guessing this is an all too common scenario.
    I was once in a chick i know's ute and she backed into a crusiser laying it down, i said, hey,you knocked the bike. She replied, should we just go, no ones watching, i said, 'nah, we have to pick it up' so i did and we stuck a note with details prompted by me. Poor fcuker, at the time i wasnt a rider, but my father and friends were-regardless,its a shit go to not claim responsibility for your stuff-up.

    Yesterday, while parked in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, seconds after getting off my bike and while i was taking off my helmet walking away, i heard a crunch-my heart went into an almost instant 'im a dickhead mode' thinking i mustnt have put the stand down in the right spot and it had fallen etc, i turned around and the car i parked behind that had a football field either end of her car, reversed back and knocked it on its guts. So, out she popped appologising and i picked up and assessed the damage from my unconscious little cbr250r. Front Break and surprisingly rear brake pedal along with exhaust cover ,mirror and rt hand indicator all scratched into kneescab form. luckily the fairing where she hit wasnt to obvious and i can buff that out, but seriously, Will people ever open their eyes just that little bit longer and that little bit wider, Rant over [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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