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Retro musings from metal beasties

  1. :angelic:The things that you learn & reflect about while traveling: It has now been over 4 months since my departure from home - And it's time to reflect while freezing at the Port Mac lighthouse lookout.
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    I much suspect that this is just a snip-it of retrospective moods that the older generation gets once they realize they have teenager grandkids or when then retire. It's the time to reflect and come out with corker lines such as "back in my time..." Or "when I was younger...".... Except I am no where near this age in life. :D
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    So the Q that I'm asking myself is: does this mean that it's the touring on a bike that gives you these accelerated insights/musings/pearls of wisdoms? Or something else? Where does the drive and inspiration come from?

    The faster you go, the more alive you feel. The longer you go, the more calm you feel in loner situations. Time seems to hold its own. Little pleasures become greater (or more savoured?). The less you have, the more you appreciate the functionality of things. You learn that adrenalin is more easily available (& cheaper) than smoking, drinking, coffee or chocolate. You become a collector or photos and 'moments'. You learn that you can survive with very little & you actually start to ask yourself whether you really need something or is it to fill a superfluous gap? You become stingier (I call it 'economical'). You learn to have clearer conversations with your own brain (deamons?). You learn to have an adaptable attitude and listen to your gut feeling more.
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    My attitude has morphed prior to departure from excited giddiness mixed with being scared sh1tless to now being excited to find new places to record in my mind's eye & meet some amazing characters.
    I realized being scared and apprehensive was just really attributed to my own limitations believing other people's limitations, sometimes disguised as questions:
    "You're going by yourself?"
    "Aren't the roads meant to be dangerous?"
    "What if you break down?"
    "You're not doing this with bike club?" ...etc.
    I know their questions were well-meaning, just as my answers are not mean to be rude.
    "So what about a dangerous road?"
    "So what if I break down?"
    "So what if I've left for this trip alone?".
    Truth of the matter is that I won't be able to think of every possible outcome or analyze what I would do in each and every hypothetical circumstance. So why not just "do" and cross that bridge when you get to it?

    Biking has been one of the best thing that's happened to me. Every situation, stack & accident has been worth it for the learnings. I cannot describe how much the world opens up, both in country paths, as well as your own life's crossroads when you get into this...how many memorable bikers you meet along the way (I'm Looking at you Netties!).
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    I left the GC as what I'd call a wide-eyed newoob. Now I'm just a newoob ;-p I still consider myself a newbie to this day, even though I've now heard many wonderful people in my travels tell me different.

    If you don't believe me; remember hard, back when you were first starting out. How big was your grin? how big did the challenge seem? How scary thrilling did it seem?

    Anyone can do it.
    It is a matter of finding the passion. The passion that keeps growing and keeps teaching you new things from skills to keep your ego in check.

    Everyone's bike journey is as different as there are bike models and accessories. Just as their own stories are.

    More than a metal beastie to sit on, when I am bikeless I am missing being able to move about and give the biker 'nod' & connect with other people. With that one simple gesture, it means the world.
    So now I giggle to myself when I think about when I first left for my trip thinking it was going to be a lonely trip. Boy! I couldn't be more wrong!!

    In this trip I've felt more supported than when I was back in my own turf.... As they say: "life starts at the end of your comfort zone". And friends are made over NetRider! ;)

    I suspect that these musings came about for my stop here in Port Mac was to visit my longest friend. For you see, she's my age and has a rare cancer. Yet she still acts normal and squeezes the most out of life (that she's able to health wise). <3

    Many riders have stated that I'm an inspiration - I'm not. Really.

    I look up to my girlfriend and SHE'S my inspiration. I don't think I would be able to handle such a sucky life situation with such poise, grace AND humour. I'm glad she had a most gorgeous supportive partner to help her along. (jonnymacjonnymac im looking at you).

    If we only realized that inspiration can come from anywhere & it's what we choose to make of it. Want proof!? Here's a photo I took of a body wash bottle at a place I was staying....(icemakericemaker - ever read your labels?) lol
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    As it states "dive into today wholeheartedly".

    Inspiration can come from anywhere (perhaps a simple photo... Yes, NosohNosoh & Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike). It is what you make of it.
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    *ill now get off my (tall) soapbox*

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    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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    Ps. I didn't use any icemakericemaker, just read it! Lol
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    Awesome and it was a pleasure to read, thanks Viv your rock!!
    Ohh and yeah I have read the bottle but not for a while, maybe I should read it again!!