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Reading the signs...

  1. Ok so today I did he Hume highway.... Again

    There's not much to do on the Hume, you can literally do he whole thing, at the speed limit, without touching the steering wheel. Well, except at servos, I can't quite do them with my knees yet... Although I'm working on my telepathy skills.

    Anyway, one of the few entertaining things to do on the Hume when you're not trying to freak other drivers out with your mad hands free skills or gawking at people who have fallen asleep from the boredom and monotony and run off the road, is to marvel at the fabulous signage offerings from our beurocratic ruling class.

    There's always those thigh slapping but infuriating suggestions from the TAC which would be hilarious if only everyone knew how ridiculous they were..... And someone else was paying. Today however I found something new and wonderful.... A "high risk police are now targeting speeding" sign.

    Initially I just found it funny cause I thought "high risk" of getting caught....

    Then I thought "high risk police".... Awesome... Appropriate considering they recently used civilians as a road block to catch a speeding driver....

    Then I noticed that the "speed" part of the sign was painted on..... Unlike everywhere else where they slide in the speed tag an can change it to drink driving or whatever.... Though you seldom see it.... This sign was fixed. Typical.... But at least it's honest.

    The kicke though was 2 signs later... Melbourne XX km... No biggie right? Except the XX part had been stuck on, like you might have expected the "speed" part in the previous sign to have been. Now this I Lund hilarious, and so quintessentially Victorian..... There was more likelihood of the whole city of Melbourne, up, and moving location, requiring an update o the distance to Melbourne sign, than there was of the Victorian police targeting anything but speed.

    Get it?
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