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Pumped up for my new bike

  1. First blog ever be nice lol.

    2 - 3 weeks ago I was nearly $20,000 in personal debt (not including my home loan) I have been selling all those expansive toys that I owned to get rid of it.
    Today I am $6000 in debt this all happened a lot sooner than I had originally thought and just by selling stuff I don't need!

    I had originally planned in 2 years time for my 30th birthday I would buy a Yamaha tracer and ride around tassy. (I turned 28 today)

    Well since finding this forum and the great people on it and test riding a tracer (a bike I never would have even known with out you guys) this all motivated me to make it the start of this summer to buy one.

    My last big $$$ item to sell is my iron head sportster (my current bike) as soon as this sells around hopefully around $5000 it will just about be completely out of debt and ready to buy my dream bike :) I just can't wait.

    Then when the weather starts to come good I'm in Can't wait :D


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