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Prolegomena - Motorbike Acceleration - power vs torque

  1. I¹ve had the thought for a while now to write an essay on ‘Motorbike acceleration - power vs torque’. After seeing some of the discussion in the thread ‘formula for a wheelie’, it locked it in for me that this topic, more than any other, could do with a detailed physics-based explanation of it.

    Rather than post the essay as a completed whole, what I would like to do with this blog is post the essay, one part at a time. Each of these parts can then be reviewed and critiqued by NetRider readers. This will allow me to answer the questions that people want answered on this topic, and make sure my argument is sufficiently rigorous.

    And, to be honest, I¹m not totally sure what the answer will be, whether power or torque is the solution that provides the answer for motorbike acceleration. I have a theory, which I will expound upon in due course, but until I work through it, I don¹t know if the maths will ‘stand up’.

    Please don't wait for the end to comment and raise questions. Do it at any time!


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