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  1. Its now been about 18 weeks since I got my Ls, and about 6 weeks since I got my ps. I had already purchased my bike and most of my gear, but we all know that whatever gear we already own is never enough.

    In this time I have learned a heap about keeping my bike on the road, both physically and mechanically. Ive done a couple of services, replaced all the filters, repaired the fuel gauge, chain and sprockets and repainted a heap of dull plastics.

    Ive gone from being scared at 40ks on back streets to running regularly on the highways at 110 ( or maybe a little more ), learned to ride in the wet, the dry and the windy.

    Ive ridden peak hour Melbourne traffic, both dry and in this mornings rain, got caught in fog yesterday ( thats no fun!!)

    I have learned what my endurance on the bike is, currently about 100 ks on the highway, so learned to take appropriate ( and decent length ) breaks.

    I have found out what a great group of people we have here on Netrider.

    And still so much to learn and experience
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