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Playing Mikado (pick-up sticks) along the Kallibakh

  1. Yesterday was a quiet day, with both the washing machine and dryer's motors doing more revolutions than my bike!

    I did however manage to get to see the BIG bowls in Lake Cathie. :happy:However I was slightly disappointed since due to the roadworks I was not able to ride up to it and pose. (n) Redeemable points for being able to include two old grandpas playing bowls in the background! Hehe.:D
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    Today was much more exciting since I was unaccompanied, I decided to ride slightly less known and more adventurous roads (even gravel roads)... I succeeded very well for the roads ended up being quite the adventure.

    From Wauchope, down the hwy to Kew to see the BIG AXE (& accompanying big logs). Larger than I thought, with more rust than I thought too! lol Still a good candidate for the "big" list :LOL:(y)
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    Then onto Taree for a mosey round and passed the BIG oyster. I learnt that this area, with so many creeks, is an actual oyster farm heaven. Wonder if they taste any good...?
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    From there I decided the highway back north to Wauchope was going to be as interesting as watching paint dry, so looking at local maps from the info Centre I took off to Upper Lansdowne & up the Koppin Yarrat Road to connect back with Comboyne/Wauchope.
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    Started off well enough, with the road progressively getting more and more pot-holey, past the rolling grass hills and into thicker wooded areas and eventually into gravel. After a few kms however the gravel gave way to more silty and muddy material, single track, blind corners and vegetation debris everywhere! The wind had picked up at lunch and was now a steady howl. :wtf::shifty:

    Came across a massive (& I mean massive!) land slide and just past was a "road closed" barrier... I guess the road really was in crappy condition! So back I went into Taree once again.
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    Bouncing away on the seat like a bunny, I'm happy that the gel seat provided some cushioning or my arse would def have been tenderized! Not a fabulous road... :stop::banghead:

    From Taree I tried another way into and through the Manning Valley & the Kallibakh Range / National Forest. This time it was through Windham & Kalibakh townships along the Comboyne Road.

    Approx 30+kms of dirt & gravel through isolated areas without reception. With the wrong turn, the light was fast fading and I was beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea to attempt it. But as per usual, curiosity won over and went on....
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    For the Viccies reading this; Comboyne Rd is like the rd between Mitta Mitta and Omeo... But gravel, mud, corrugations, cambered corners, some wheel ruts, potholes and only being able to do 20-30km/hr max. For QLDers, this road would be like the Mt Lindesay twisty section between NSW & QLD border.., unsealed.
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    Had to pick my way through like an obstacle course of downed branches and some trees. This area provided me with some visual sights with the dipping orange light filtering through the woods, however I was not able to really absorb its beauty due to concentrating on not stacking it. Photos took a back seat.
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    So I would say this road is a bit like the Bonang Hwy, where it would have a stigma to it. But worthwhile doing - at least once :smug::woot:
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    Got home with little light, cold and windswept. Poor lawnmower... Dirty dirty bugger!! :bored::shy: And then to find out the power was out. Here's to a romantic lit dinner of crisps and protein bars! :rolleyes::joyful:
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  1. chilliman64
    oh my dear you are missing something delicious - more for me I guess! :)
  2. chilliman64
    more gold ValvolineValvoline - regarding the Taree oysters - yes they are excellent and you would do well to eat as many as possible if you are still in the vicinity - natural in the half shell with a squirt of lemon and maybe a dash of tabasco - magnificent!
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