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(Part 1) The GOR - 4 seasons in a day!

By Valvoline, Apr 10, 2016 | Updated: Nov 21, 2016 | |
  1. Day 1 - Melb to Adelaide The GOR - 4 seasons in a day!

    Left Melb nice and early to ride through the city & miss the traffic. Melb Olympic park & city buildings from the tops of fly-overs looks quite pretty.

    Geelong was a good spot to make a stop to adjust the umpteen layers under riding gear, have a spot of breakky & get real cozy with the foreshore lifesavers. :rolleyes:
    image. image.

    From here I knew I was heading in the right direction because I could see many tourist buses zooming down the hwy looking v determined...

    After hearing many riders tell me the GOR is one of the most dangerous roads: tight blind corners, crappy surfaces, randoms stopping in the middle of the road & plenty of slow buses, I armed myself with a bike-load of patience knowing the lean mean mower didn't have the power to pass in tight corners safely....
    However I was most pleasantly surprised that altho I did encounter a few of the above mentioned, I came to the conclusion Victorians exaggerate a little... there was quite a few passing areas and plenty of turn out areas for photos :D

    (Viccie riders: try the Captain Cook Highway in QLD and then make judgement! Lol ;) )

    Anyhow, what made it most interesting is that this road certainly teaches you how to skid through corners...
    Step 1, get yourself a light bike
    Step 2, find yourself a tight corner (& as you're leaning into it)
    Step 3, add a gale force cross wind... Voila!! Drift into the other lane & try like crazy to steer :blackeye::wacky:


    The scenery is amazing. Yes.
    But for some reason, it still wasn't as big-a-wow as the sheer beauty of Falls Creek / Alpine Way /Omeo Highway that I had a couple of weeks back - maybe it was due to the sheer amount of tourists and road signs...(?) Road conditions were great to Lorne. From there onwards it was fair, but not really what I'd call atrocious. Only 2 lots of dirt sections for road works is reasonable.

    The GOR - 4 seasons in a day!
    And I felt a little short changed since it's not the 12 Apostles anymore ... It's more like 7 by now :hilarious:hehe
    image. image.

    Probably the most (hauntingly) beautiful was the contrast of cliff vegetation of the areas that were ravaged by fire in Xmas 2015. From Lorne to Separation Creek -You could see areas left as toothpicks protruding from blackened ground, other areas completely brown, except for tiny green tips from trunks (new life beginning). Tried to get photos of this but wasn't really successful. Wearing my 5 layers it was hard to comprehend that this area got to about 40 degrees and then more with flames 10-20m tall!!
    image. image.

    Great Otway Nat park road surface was quite decent & pets reminded me of my biking haunts back at home :rolleyes: All patchy wet from localized showers made me have to go easy.
    image. image.

    The rest of the coastline went from squiggles to long flat straights that just blasted my bike every which way. I'll assume this whole coast is known for its windiness due to the trees growing on angles & the cows being furry(?)... Didn't know that was possible!

    As a last bit of day trip silliness (once one starts to get tired at the end of the ride) it was most amusing to see rolling hills of cows most curious to hear the mighty baaaaaarp noise my bike makes when I get to use full throttle. Many were spooked, but most just looked up in unison,
    Prob wondering "WTF!?"
    I guess not many riders (or cars for that matter) take the Childers Cove Rd nowadays. It was deserted!

    To end the day in Warrnambool in a cozy & warm Airbnb 2 blocks from the city Centre, with the bike parked safely in a lock up garage.

    Warm, non windy bed. Here I come.
    image. image.

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