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Packing 101 - Long term touring

  1. I have been looking at other websites trying to work out what is the best way to pack the beastie to the hilt.
    Weight closer to the centre of the bike and lower the better. At the moment I’ve seen that the best way to pack this beastie is to put all the heavy stuff in the back bag and have the clothes, wets & maps in the side panniers.

    A list of the items I’m taking are below just for those who want to know what can fit into two 11L pannier bags and a Ventura Mistral 35L (?) back bag… Keep in mind this isn’t your typical touring gear, since I’m moving to Melb and this is what I’ll survive on for the next 3-4 months and a Tasmania trip….!

    I was surprised how much you can actually pack into these 3 bags… prob more than the poor beastie can lug up a mountain without feeling it!! Lol.

    However I will work towards these two golden packing rules: You will always:
    1) forget something
    2) remember to bring stuff you didn't need to bring.


    · X2 t-shirts

    · X2 long sleeve shirts

    · X2 sets thermals

    · X2 skins compression pants

    · X1 kevlar jeans

    · X2 moto long socks

    · X2 sports socks

    · X6 underwear

    · X3 Crop tops / x2 bras

    · Raincoat / rain pants (wets)

    · X1 sleeveless feather down vest

    · X1 long sleeve feather down jacket

    · X1 waterproof gloves / x1 winter gloves / glove liners

    · X1 set fleecy night clothes

    · X1 nice going out long sleeve shirt

    · X2 shorts

    · X1 set togs

    · Neck buff/ warmer, scarf, beanie

    · Night eye patch

    · Travel towel

    · Runners, & pluggers

    · Hat / sunnies

    · Puncture repair kit with 5 canisters

    · Chain lube / spray oil

    · Alcohol spray / rags

    · Toolkit with extra couple of tools specific for my bike

    · Spare bike key

    · Bungy ropes, rope, electrical tape

    · Pocket knife / scissors

    · Zip lock bags, elastic bands, plastic bags

    · First aid kit / surgical kit / some drugs

    · Food for 8 days & meal shaker

    · 2L water (daily)

    · Powdered vitamin, antioxidant and electrolyte sachets

    · Motorbike lock

    · Selfie stick X-)

    · Tripod

    · Ear plugs

    · Recharge cables for: iphone, sena headset, USB mp3 player + extra

    · USB x5 multiple recharge port

    · Two USB port converter for 12V motorbike plug

    · Torch with spare batteries

    · 2 large laminated maps of area to cover

    · Motorcycling routes Australia books

    · Pencil & permanent pen

    · Travel diary
    x2 waterproof bag covers
    x2 inner pannier bag liners
    · Iphone

    · Sunscreen

    · Jojoba oil

    · Travel shampoo/conditioner

    · Foldable hair brush with inbuilt mirror

    · Toothbrush & paste

    · Spare hair ties

    · Other female paraphernalia…

    · Lip balm (a must for any climate)

    · Showercap (its handy to wrap around opened shampoo/soap bottle. If it does leak, it wont soak your other gear)

    · Travel perfume (a girl might ride like a guy, but doesn't have to smell like one!)

    · Travel hairdryer (a bit of luxury, and almost an essential for long haired peeps...)

    · And my miniature knitted travel buddy…. Hoot. :p

    IMG_2758.JPG IMG_2752.JPG IMG_2755.JPG

    About Author

    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. tempocyclist
    What model are those panniers and after a few uses do you rate them?
      ArmouredSprue likes this.
    1. Valvoline
      Panniers are Ktm 200/390 specific and are called Dirtsack Speedbags.
      I'll do a review on them and post photos of new and after use. I'll tag you so you can see :)

      $45 AUD + $40 postage from India
      ArmouredSprue likes this.
  2. mickeyd
    I'm looking to do a long trip at Xmas (GC to Tassie and back( - good to see other riders thoughts and experiencing on preparing for these types of trips :)
      Valvoline likes this.
    1. Valvoline
      If you need more tips or routes mickeydmickeyd lemme know, happy to odd it on :)
    2. Valvoline
      Or even better if you live in the GC come round for the NR rides on the weekends :)
  3. Mudfrog
    I agree with your strategies and packing logic... and admire your tenacity so props to you, but... what is the night time eye patch for ? Or is it a proof reading test to see if we are paying attention ? I wish I could bottle your enthusiasm, it'd be worth a motza ! cheers Fred :)
    1. Valvoline
      The eye patch helps me sleep in places like pubs or YHAs when there's too much light through cracks or people coming in an out of the rooms at all sorts of hrs. Sometimes if I sleep through the day. I'm just a light sleeper (pardon the pun!) . Enthusiasm is bought on bike tank at a time ;-)
    2. Mudfrog
      oh cheers for that, you mean a sleep mask thingy, I was picturing a pirate eye patch ha ha . Idiot. :)
      squigglezz likes this.
    3. Valvoline
      Aye mee harty! ;-)
      squigglezz likes this.
  4. Valvoline
    NannyJulzNannyJulz Lipbalm is a lifesaver sometimes! I've found so many other uses for it actually - one of which was to go to a job interview in Melb.... Having been on the road and being a little worse for wear, I actually used it to 'shine' my nails to make it look like clear nail polish.

    The job interview panel look at your appearance and when you go to shake hands with them it's good to have neat nails! ;-)
  5. NannyJulz
    Hope you have a great trip. Was looking through your list and came to the Lip Balm. I have always had Lanolin, memories of passing it over to other girlfriends while riding down the road. I use to have it in a film canister in my little pocket in my jacket. Plus a bonus - it can double as moisturiser. Give it a go you won't be disappointed. Cheaper, lots more, and you can pronounce the ingredients!
      Valvoline likes this.