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  1. Got my Ps in Oct2014 :happy: .... all that practice was worth it as there was not a lot of opportunity to really learn/practice the skills on the day, it was more about making sure that you understand what the tester will be looking for... Of the 6 of us, I was the only girl there so was a little nervous...
    The day was cloudy and rained up until the point it was time to ride out to HARTS... I made sure I had a full tank (as per instructions) and kept my fingers crossed that the rain would hold off as I didn't have any wet weather gear... We were lucky... it rained on either side of our practice sessions but then when the testing began, it threatened to really bucket down.... The tester decided to take us alphabetically, so I was last... It was awful having to watch the guys ride around, see some hit cones during the weave, go over lines in the u-turn and having to repeat the break test.... all the while I'm watching the sky get darker and the band of rain coming towards us.... my heart rate goes up when its my turn... phew... deep breath...
    At the end my tester made me sweat as he looked at his board and shook his head until he gave me a great big smile and 'congratulations' as he shook my hand... YES! It was such a great feeling...
    Riding home the rain started again and I did not care... I had my Ps :happy::happy::happy:
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  1. hellcat
    crazy we may be.... but all very smiley crazies!
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  2. Ebonyrose
    And I did my Q ride in the middle of December! We're mad for riding round for hours in that heat, but the grin on my dehydrated face was worth every nerve wracking moment. Congrats!
  3. elmgee
    Well done! I just got mine in November. It was a 34 degree day. Too stinking hot to be standing around in leathers and a full-face helmet.