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  1. 3 day double pass to this weeks Motor GP - Friday to Sunday - FREE ... a friend can't use and has kindly offered if I know anyone ... tickets to be picked up in the city ... If you're keen, you know what to do ...
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  1. Diantra
    Oh .. my bad!?! I wish I could have used them myself - bloody work! Ppppfffttt!
  2. Returned
    Just found the not so well know Blogs. And what a find - a 3 day double GP pass.. Damn, not able to take up the offer. Now if it had been posted in a Forum you may have been inundated with replies.
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  3. Diantra
    Shame no one has been able to take up the offer
  4. Mouth
    That's awesome - thanks for offering it up to peeps.
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