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One tiny step for Jet ... one huge leap for Dianne ...

  1. Laugh if you will but yesterday was like a breakthrough day for me and I'm like the cat that got the cream :) So I wanted to go to the opening of a friend's new premises for his motorcycle shop yesterday but I was terrified of riding there on my own. I posted on Facebook if anyone wanted to ride with me but, alas, not a soul. So here I sat ... and then it happened ... my brain just said "You can do this"

    So downstairs, warmed up Jet, stood there watching the ever increasing flow of traffic and hesitated ... again my brain kicked in "If cyclists can do it, if scooters can do it, you can do it!" So off we went. Onto Beaconsfield Parade, down The Esplanade and onto Glenhuntly Road ... confidently through the roundabout avoiding prams, pedestrians and vehicles and then a hill start at the lights to turn onto the road I was dreading - Nepean Highway. And it didn't disappoint - a 4WD impatiently nudging my ass at a red light, a P Plater cut straight in front of me from a side street (he didn't look at all), a mini bus trying to squeeze into my space and a myriad of other "moments" and I navigated them all - Go Me! :)

    I kept up with the traffic, acknowledged other riders and then turned into Wickham Road to arrive at the event. What an awesome array of bikes - all makes and models had turned up - BMW, Yamaha, Ducati, Indian, Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Harley Davidson, even a postie bike was there for the Slow Race :) And I can proudly say I didn't buy anything apart from a sausage and a bottle of water! ha ha ha

    It started to spit and I wondered whether I should leave and try and beat the rain home. And again the brain kicked in "You can ride in the rain, no need to scurry off" but the rain held off so it was all good in any case. What is it they say "Don't use up your energy worrying about things that may not ever happen" :) But eventually it was time to leave as I wanted to be home to watch the MotoGP from my snugglechair - so off we went.

    The ride home was full of surprises. I caught myself going over the speed limit - who knew I could do that!?! ha ha ha I changed lanes between cars without waiting for a mile long stretch between - ha ha ha I was even managing to feel comfortable in my long boots on their maiden voyage. Traffic was dodgy coming back, cars slowing down with no indication, cars pulling out suddenly along Beach Road, cars getting too close to my backside for comfort - loving my new helmet that lets me turn completely around and give them "the look" ha ha ha

    I know this ride is nothing compared to those that tell of their journey through the twisties or some long adventure into the countryside but, for me, this was a huge step and I am excited! Thanks Jet - let's do it again real soon! :)
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