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On the road at last!

  1. It's been awhile since my last entry when I wrote about getting my Ls. I was in the middle of a bike rebuild - a 1985 Honda VT250F - which hadn't seen the road in 12 years. A lot can happen in 2 months, and it certainly has for me...

    June 2016

    I learnt how to remove a rear wheel and replace a chain - yeah I know, pretty basic but basically everything I've done to my bike is for very first time. The chain was a bit of a disappointment - I was hoping to keep the original as it only had 7,000km on it, but I couldn't free (the only) two seized links. I tried dipping it in oil for 2 weeks, kerosene, spray lube...nothing worked so I had to throw it out. It's probably for the best and for $100 you can't be unhappy with a new chain. I also replaced the front and rear brakes, tyres and fork seals. The front was fun as I don't own a bike stand, but I improvised with rope and my car port. One afternoon I pulled the fan apart to see where the squeak was coming from - you bet, it's all gone now :)

    I really enjoyed the time working on my bike. The Canberra weather in June gets very cold, but at the end of each day, I knew I was getting closer to my goal of fixing up my first bike. It was also very rewarding seeing progress being made...replacing old parts for new and cleaning things up on a 30 year old bike.

    July 2016

    With the mechanical work all done, it was time for a few cosmetic improvements. The front fairing, although in good condition, had a crack I just couldn't live with (after spending so much time and effort on the rest of the bike). I ended up meeting a really top bloke called Joe (at Joe's motorcycle repairs) who repaired and respreayed it for me. I love meeting people passionate about bikes, and he was kind enough to give me some good tips about care and maintenance.

    Back at home...I reassembled the fairings, replaced all the fluids, and gave the old girl a good clean!

    Friday 29 July.......it was off to the inspection station for a blue slip and the bike PASSED with a breeze. After spending so much time on a 30 year old bike it was great getting the thumbs up from the mechanics. I remember coming home and just feeling so proud about everything that's happened over the past 3 months.

    So...what have I been doing the past few days you ask >>>FINALLY, LEARNING TO RIDING MY VERY FIRST BIKE...and it feels great! I'm taking it very slow, but as far as first rides go...i'm totally hooked! I wish I had started 20 years ago, but as they say, better late than never.

    Enjoy the pics of my busy life the past 3 months and thanks for taking the time to read!

    View attachment 60118 View attachment 60119 View attachment 60120 View attachment 60121 View attachment 60122 View attachment 60123 View attachment 60124 View attachment 60126 View attachment 60127 View attachment 60129 View attachment 60132 View attachment 60137 View attachment 60138 View attachment 60139 View attachment 60140
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  1. Valvoline
    How many hours of work did it take you to get it on the road?
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    1. Wogboy
      It took days of work :) Actually, I did it slowly slowly over 8 weekends - half a day here, half a day there. It took me a bit longer as I spent a lot of time reading, asking questions and basically taking it carefully. It was a wonderful experience though and I highly recommend it :)
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  2. Cster
    That is a very pretty bike, I remember them in the show room. They are a great bike, and can make your day when out and about on them. I used to watch an old neighbour ride one to work each day, I'd be making coffee and he'd be pulling away, we went the same way and in all the time I rode my bike down the same road he never was let down by it. You have done a grand job of bringing it back to pristine. You should enjoy every mile you do on it.
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    1. Wogboy
      Thanks so much for sharing this comment. It actually means quite a lot as I spent a lot of time researching this model before I took the plunge and bought a 30yo bike! I absolutely love it. It still looks great and rides like a dream. I cant wait to get back on this weekend :)
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