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On our way...Take 2!

  1. Jim's bike is having Clutch plates replaced...so is given a loan bike - VStrom 650. He was pleasantly surprised by the ride. Very comfortable and easy to ride. So, off we go. The weather is perfect. Quite the contrast on Monday's wind and rain. We ride straight to Koo Wee Rup where we stopped for a coffee and some pretty average bacon n eggs. The sun is out we are just loving this ride and it's not even interesting yet. We continue onto Wonthaggi. Here we stop at the information centre. As we've no real set plans, this was a critical stop. Debbie, was a wealth of help and ideas. We were given brochure after brochure of things to see and do in the area that Debbie is so passionate about. She even booked our accommodation at Kilcundra Ocean View Motel for the night...nice. From there we rode to The State Coal Mine Heritage Area to see what life was like for the miners and families in the early 1900's.. Pretty remarkable to say the least. From there the riding became very special. The road from Cape Patterson to Inverloch was awesome!! now this little stretch of curvy road is so much fun! and the weather full sun and 17degrees it was perfect. We stopped at a a point along the road called Eagles nest. The view was beautiful. the cliffs either side are so rugged - love it! Inverloch offered some great food and a picturesque township. Back along our now favourite road between Inverloch and Cape Patterson Onto Wonthaggi then our destination for the night, Kilcundra. We checked in, changed and went for a walk along the Rail Trail over the historic rail bridge, Onto the beach then checked out the local cemetery. Dinner was next door at the Ocean View Hotel.. Gotta love pub meals. Don't think portion sizes are a thing ever considered in country pubs..:).What a great day! perfect we'd say.. View attachment 39870 View attachment 39870


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