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Okay, first time blogger here, so lets twist the throttle on this

  1. Okay, for those of you that don't know, my name is Rick, and I'm an alcoholic....oh wait, wrong forum! :D
    I live in the North East of Victoria, and have just bought my first road rego'd bike. Namely a BMW GS 650 Sertao.
    I grew up learning to ride on our family arm in the western districts of Vic, that bike was an Yamaha MX 100, little two banger, was an excellent machine, I was stoked the day Dad bought the thing home, (although it was a couple of years before I was allowed to ride it, by which time my older brother had dropped it once.) I gave it a birthday just before the farm was sold, it went to a couple of fellows from Cobrico from memory, they were collectors and were amazed that it not only still ran so reliably, but it also had the original books too! Id buy that bike back if I could, name the price! Fast forward to the mid ninety's and I was working as a stationhand in the Riverina, riding Yamaha AG 200's daily, there bike I had was the oldest in the fleet, the clutch slipped badly, it burnt a full crankcase of oil daily, blew bad black smoke under load ( wound it up to 102 Km/H, that was interesting to say the least). These two machines were the beginnings of my addiction. I have ridden mates bikes occasionally since, as well as hired a KTM. Finally I decided to bite the bullet. I plonked down the large at Blacklocks BMW in Lavington, Ron (the dealer) and I looked over a few bikes on the floor (CB500, DR650, GS650) and stopped at the Sertao, it was superb, I felt immediately comfortable on it and at ease. Ticking the options boxes for a set of Vario cases and top box and a Hidenau rear tyre. I shook a bit as I signed the purchase contract, I had never spent that sort of cash before, it was all pretty real now. I sought out a motorcyclist mate, Dave. Dave cant ride anymore due to physical injuries, he had already sold his bike, and I bought from him, 4 sets of gloves, two sets of textile gear (one armored, one not). Then it was a trip to the local bike shop where I walked away with a brand new Nolan N90 Classic N-Com skid lid. That night I confessed to my girlfriend what I had done, she wasn't too happy about it, we haven't discussed the subject since. A little over a week to go now and the BMW will be in my garage, already another mate of mine is already talking a ride somewhere when I am up to speed on it (locally) and another mate in South Gippsland says he will grab a road demo bike from his work when I am ready and we can do a tour down there too.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their advice along the way, I appreciate it very much, now just to do some further training and mentoring sessions and all will be kosher. Anyone near Benalla willing to be a mentor, please drop me a line, I would be only to happy to hear from you.
    Until next time-In the words of the late Brian Naylor "May your news be good news, and good night."

    Ride safe. Rick(y)


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