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No longer a virgin

  1. Haha, bet that title got your attention!

    In all seriousness, I'm no longer a putty Virgin, went for one hell of a ride to grey gum and back with a few fellow netriders, and had a Fantastic time.

    The morning got of to a cold foggy start which was a bit uneasy, soon enough it lifted and let us go for it through the twisties.

    I had such a fantastic time got some experience under my belt and I'll tell ya on the way back there were a few corners I had the bike leant in, head down, focused on whats ahead with a grin from ear to ear, as I felt like it was just a fantastic corner. I love it!

    Putty Road I will see you again soon!

    And to those who came, we shall do it again!

    Til' Next time

    Get on your bike and Ride!!


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  1. ParkerMax
    Hope you didn't bleed too much.