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Nimbin loop. A day out on local roads

By Batchy, Aug 24, 2016 | Updated: Aug 24, 2016 | | |
A loop around some beautiful countryside in SE Queensland and NSW
  1. We planned to drive my wife's sister to Sydney over the weekend.
    The plan changed so we revised our day off to explore the local roads. On two wheels of course.

    Our route took us south to Kyogle NSW, via Rathdowney and Lion Road.
    We stopped at Rathdowney for coffee and chatted with a bunch of guys, who'd ridden in from Tweed Heads.
    They were in a hurry. We watched them roar off along Mt Lindsay Hwy and we had another sip of coffee.
    Lion Road is so named because originally it was maintained by a couple of Lion's Clubs, by donation.
    The donation collector is on the border but maintenance could never be funded by donation alone.
    The local councils must have most of the responsibility.
    Lion Road weaves its way back and forth across Running Creek.
    Many single lane bridges, some with rattling wooden decks and tight turns onto the bridges. Exciting stuff.
    A few camping spots along the creek too.

    500m off the road, is a diversion to a lookout that gives you panoramic views over the Sydney/Brisbane railway line.
    Engineers couldn't make a gradient suitable for a train route. To gain elevation, they designed a large loop that climbs 13 meters. It's appropriately called the Border Loop.
    LoopLookout03. LoopLookout04.
    It's a beautiful spot to stop and listen to the tinkling of the bell birds. Very peaceful.

    We rode through Kyogle towards Murwillumbah, turning right just out of town, towards Nimbin.
    Nimbin is famous for its promotion of marijuana use and I've always wanted to have a sticky beak.
    More curves and beautiful views until you're greeted with the striking Nimbin Rocks.
    They're a geologic feature that you can't miss, whether you approach from Kyogle or Lismore.
    KyogleNimbin03. KyogleNimbin10.

    Nimbin02. Nimbin03.

    Nimbin08. Nimbin17.

    We spent about an hour at Nimbin, wandering the main street. My wife loved the "alternative" products.
    She was amazed at the number of people walking around stoned. Nimbin certainly is out there when it comes
    to legalizing cannabis.
    It comes as no surprise that the Australian (HEMP) Marijuana Party's headquarters are in Nimbin.
    Just thought you'd like to know.

    After, we rode to Lismore for fuel for the bike; and coke and a pie for the riders.
    Lismore's a pretty country town and quite busy with traffic. Maybe it was school pickup time that did it.

    Filled up, we headed to Bangalow. The views from the road are pretty, with overhanging camphor laurels
    and green countryside all the way.
    It doesn't pay to be in a hurry on this picturesque stretch of road.
    There are many curves and ups and downs, with very few passing places.
    You need the time to enjoy the ride.

    Bangalow suddenly appears over a crest and then you're onto Byron Bay.
    We arrived late afternoon, with just enough time for my wife to look at the shops, me to have a coffee.
    We had a quick look at the lighthouse and the ocean. Some of the prettiest coastline in Australia from the
    lighthouse road. The ocean looks clean and blue overlooking Tally Beach.

    If you're up that way, take the time to have a look. The road up is narrow and slow. Once you're at the
    lighthouse, the parking is impossible because of the hordes of people.
    Cost is $4 for motorbikes. A guy with a bum bag will take your money.

    Byron02. Byron05.

    As the sun set, we hit the highway north, stopping near Varsity Lakes for a Maccas' burger and a wee.
    The bike gobbled up the k's without any dramas.
    A great way to spend the day, getting to know a little more about our part of the world.



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  1. Valvoline
    I'm surprised the lovely peeps at Nimbin didn't offer you certain rolled dry leafy delights! Lol but the roads through there are pretty :)
    1. Batchy
      :) The good folk of Nimbin are their own kind.
  2. XJ6N
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride with you. It's been twelve years since I've visited the region (by car) and your post reminded me how beautiful it is and what great riding is there to be enjoyed.
      Batchy likes this.
    1. Batchy
      Thanks XJ6N. Glad you enjoyed the ride.
      XJ6N likes this.
  3. 69SIM
    Sounds like a really nice day!
      Batchy likes this.
    1. Batchy
      Thank you. It was. :)