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Night Ride

  1. Tonight was another big step for me.

    Since getting my licence, majority of times I've gone out on my bike, its been with my 'significant other'... but tonight it was time for my first solo night ride since my 'other' has decided not to be so 'significant' moving forward...

    It was one of those nights perfect for riding... moon was bright, the stars were shining.... there was little to no wind... and best of all, traffic was light...

    It was exciting to be surrounded by the dark... I could hear my bike even over the helmet's 'white noise'
    (I wonder if I'm the only one to find a rhythm in the noise to sing along in my head)

    I decided to head to a mate's place up near Gosford, trouble is I'd not been there before... but hey, how hard would it be to find ??!

    it took me 2hours to eventually find the right sequence of roads and left/right turns... so by the time I got to say 'HI', it was time for me to turn around and come home... which took 1hour (thanks to the various road works kicking off along the way).

    Would I have changed any part of the adventure?? Nope - sometimes its the getting lost that provides the most fun :)

    Note to self - maybe next time I decide on a weeknight ride, I should choose a destination I've already been to so I don't get lost... maybe :)
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