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Newbie Musings Episode Two

  1. So ride two was for purely functional reasons, not so much for fun but I certainly learnt a few things.

    First up was a stop for petrol. Haven’t done it myself yet, but this should be easy, right? First mistake was parking the bike so far away from the bowser. My head is usually in this spot when I put petrol in a car, I just automatically parked there! Oops! Bit of shuffling and I get the bike in the right spot. Next, off with the helmet, sunnies and gloves. Put them somewhere safe and fill her up. Takes just seconds to fill up compared to my huge car, and I’m so careful not to drip and ruin the paintjob!

    Go to pay for it and the female attendant just raves about the bike. She is very eye catching and I’m quite proud of her but this is something new. I haven’t actually stopped somewhere public in my travels yet. So there’s been no feedback on my bike. It catches me by surprise but its great!

    Next stop, Aldi. I have found an old back pack at home, so with that strapped to my back off I go. Hmmm, forgot to secure some of the overhang on the straps and its slapping me in the ribs but its more an annoyance than anything else so I ignore it. Arrive at Aldi and choose a parking spot out of the way and pointing so I can just ride out. Next lesson was using my helmet lock. Simple in theory but I swear I have the fumble fingers today and simple objects are now chinese puzzles. Helmet secure and in I go. It’s hot and I finally get to open the jacket but what the hell do I do with my gloves? I stuff them in my boob section and give no f*cks as to how lopsided I am. While avoiding the screaming brats in my way, I do my small shop and go through the checkout. Luckily the attendant there knows me really well, so when I ask her to put my shopping in my backpack she giggles and does so. From my practice run, wiggling my way out of that jacket/backpack combo would take three times as long as just popping in a few items while I’m wearing it!

    And we’re back on the bike with little fuss. Undoing the helmet lock was so simple and I am super aware of the traffic around me. So when a florist van pulls out in front of me, while staring at me, I’m prepared. Asshole. Had to grin and thumbs up when a huge old bikie looking dude thumps the back of the van and cusses him out, and then graciously signals me through! Who says chivalry is dead?

    Under the pump to get home because we have plans so there’s no pleasure cruising today but I am pumped when I get home. I’ve negotiated simple day to day procedures and although I am clumsy, I’ve managed. Just getting the bike into the garage without scratching one of the cars is an achievement and I find that my self esteem is building. I love being able to take her out whenever I want, not having to wait for hubby’s convenience. This is now my choice.

    Sucky bit? Peeling off my gear and setting it out on the balcony to air out. Ok, riding in 33 degree heat is a challenge. I am just a sweat sack when I get home. But it’s all part of it, right?


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