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Newbie Musings Episode Three.

  1. New boots arrived so of course I have to try them out! Wander round the house for an hour and then suit up. It's a pleasure cruise today and I enjoyed every minute of my wander round. I'm lucky enough to live a block from the ocean so when I feel like a wander, the scenic route isn't far away.

    Introduced my youngest nephew to the bike. He freaked until I took off my helmet and then he just reached up for a sit. Taught him how to turn the bike on and off and I think that will be our ritual from now on. The sheer delight in his face was priceless and he screamed when taken off. Dragged his wooden rocking motorbike out and vroom vroomed while I visited. And then time to go, and he did the honours of turning it on. Loving life right now.
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