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Newbie Musings Episode Five.

  1. God damnit, fell off my bike. Again.

    From day one hubby has warned me about the driveway. Take it slow, angle it right and TAKE YOUR F*CKING TIME.

    And I did, until friday. When I flew out of the driveway and immediately went splat. The gutter is deep and then the road cambers. Thank god for full safety gear so even though I slid down the road, the only consequence is a grapefruit sized bruise on my inner knee. And a blinker that had to be duct taped straight.

    So did I learn something? Yeah, don't be cocky. The advice given is for a reason.


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  1. Ebonyrose
    Driveways are the great levellers, aren't they? You think you're the bees knees till you realise that your own driveway is out to kill you. Thing is, leaving mine is a nightmare, but coming back in is another level of hell. It's basically an upside tick and if you screw up, you are right royally screwed. It would be lovely to set off in a leasurely fashion, all relaxed and cruisy instead of white knuckled.
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  2. PSYKC
    Oh I hear yA!!! Been challenging myself heaps over the last few months on the road but my biggest challenge is the friggin driveway! It's long, steep and twisty!! Great Ocean Road and Kinglake are nothing compared to navigation this thing. Had trouble again today but the good news is it sets up and finished off all my rides reminding me not to get too cocky!!!