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New bike on Monday

By middo, Dec 14, 2012 | |
  1. So after a few years of riding cruisers, the misses and I have decided to buy a vstrom. The plan has always been to do some real touring on bikes, so it is the next step for us. After riding 1100 Kim's in two days, something a little more refined than the virago 250 was definitely needed.

    The vstrom is new. But it is a 2011 model non-abs, which we got for about $3000 less than the 2012 model. As we have no real desire to sell it anytime in the future, I will take the extra cash and buy some extras for the bike, like luggage, bash plate and radiator guard, and engine guards.

    This blog will follow the build up of the bike, and our adventures as we explore the wilds of WA a little more on the bike.
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