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Never to old

By Alli C, Dec 27, 2015 | |
  1. Well I bit the bullet and decided it's now or never. I signed up to a pre learners motorbike lesson with Allstars in Dandenong. I was the only female but shared the same age group as the four other men who had also bit their bullets. Wondering if we were all having a mid life crisis, we navigated and nailed the course. And booked in for our Ls. And after a gruelling nine hour day I received my Learners permit. Woohoo, yay, holy shit, yippee. I had a second hand Suzuki Intruder in the shed at home waiting for me. (It's name is Black Betty, bambadam). I purchased it one week prior, the guys at Peter Stevens Dandenong were awesome. Salesman "it has a big compartment under the seat for your handbag". Me "sold".
    I couldn't stop smiling on my first ride around the local neighbourhood. And I'm still smiling. I've been on a few long rides with my son since. And am looking forward to joining a group of riders for rides. I'm building on my experience and my challenge is to ride to my Dads house in Lakes Entrance from my hometown of Wonthaggi.
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