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nailed it

  1. So as of 1:00PM today I am now a fully licensed rider. After leaving the training range at Wangaratta I rode out the Greta road, turn left onto the snow road, headed down to the Oxley crossroads where I punched it right and headed for Moyhu. Turning off at Moyhu I headed across Hansonville and up past the school at Greta South and around the edge of Mollyullah. From what here it was a straight run, with a few twistys back into Benalla. I've just got home after going to a mates place and am feeling unreal. Can't wait for the next run, off for a shower and I need to get some feeling back into my bum! Ride safe.
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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    Ned, thanks for the congratts, for sure mate, love to meet ya'll there!
  2. Ned
    Congrats on getting your licence, perhaps you can meet us next time we're headed for the High Country, taking in Bright, Omeo, Falls Creek, etc. Meet at Oxley, and we usually stop at Milawa Bakery for coffee. You're most welcome :D
  3. cruisin4abruisin
    Thanks Jord!
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  4. jord4231
    Well done good on you!
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