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Nabiac Historical Inspiration

  1. (Newcastle to Port Macquarie)

    Another very windy morning to start the day off. But much later than the previous day. Glorious sleep in! :angelic:
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    Today I was excited because DrSleepyDrSleepy offered his services to be the local riding tour guide to showcase the north of his 'backyard'. To have yet another day of touring with cool company is a privilege. :)
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    So off we took northwards along the Bucketts Way to Gloescester. A relaxing ride absorbing all the gently rolling hills, farms and tiny towns with brick throwing competitions & weekend car boot swap meets. Through this stretch DrSleepyDrSleepy got to see my real "suave" method for taking photos & how trial & error it actually really is... With me disappearing into long grass on batters or road ditches trying to take the shots. He also got to see how just simply parking the bike is an art form for the more-than-short rider, or how exact passing vehicles on the lawnmower is.... What ever the case, he was a complete tease when passing cars on his Daytona without any effort. Even was cheeky enough to run it in by "wagging" his Daytona tail! How rude! :meh::wacky:

    None the less, we still managed some nice shots of the intermittent sun & semi cloudy skies & had a fun time. :geek::snaphappy:
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    We pressed on towards Nabiac to go see another of Australia's must see biker's destination: The Australian Motorcycle Museum!! (y):woot:
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    So. Many. Friggin. Bikes!!! More than a 1000 jammed packed into the museum. From all rolls of life & by-gone eras to the modern bikes of today. From humble beginnings where today's blenders have more horsepower than some of the earlier bikes, to the powerful beasties of today...
    Typical male, DrSleepy just HAD to check the museum's BIG bike's chain tension & once inside had his tongue hanging out, drooling over everything. :rolleyes:
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    $$$ worth spent for a couple of hours of sheer amazement at the mechanics, history and beginnings of motorcycling. This is a must for every motorcyclist to see.
    Each bike in the museum, just like every NetRider on the forum, has their story. <3Their charm. Their personality & a contribution to the overall collective. Without this variety, it would be a sad story indeed.

    A bike that caught my attention was one tucked away on the far shed, plastered with old stickers (much like sjmhosjmho 's bike) & a basket with photo albums. As it turned out, the owner is now someone I can relate to and I admire. The albums were her "blog" - THIS is how you used to blog!!! :D
    You never know where you'll get inspiration from. :)
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    After a wonderful arvo, it was time for goodbyes; quite poetic with both riders taking opposing directions of an intersection: DrSleepy taking the south road & me, the north.

    A day, isn't a day unless I get to see a BIG item, so swung by Taree for the famous Giant Oyster !! Wow it was ugly! Lol :p:love::woot:
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    Port MacQuarie is where I'll call home for the next few days.
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    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)
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  1. 69SIM
    Hey ValvolineValvoline, ask MouthMouth if he can remove some of those extra double posts of yours.
      Valvoline likes this.
  2. Cormanus
    Great yarn, ValvolineValvoline. I'm enjoying every kilometre. Pictures are good too.
  3. DrSleepy
    Had a blast ValvolineValvoline — great company, epic scenery and a brilliant session at the museum. Next time I'm heading north I'm going to leave an hour or two in the schedule so I can go back.

    Was great to hang out & hear your story and the tales of your adventure. All the best for the rest of your trip & happy to show you the southern & western bits of the backyard too. Not the east though, unless you've converted the 390 into a jet-ski. ;)
  4. 69SIM
    Yeah Brian is the owner but maybe his kids look after it now, it's been a while since my dad has been there.
  5. chilliman64
    yes a great idea for a Spring or Summer ride thanks for the hint ValvolineValvoline!
  6. Valvoline
    chilliman64chilliman64 - two words sugar: "over nighter". :p
    Open it up for a NR event. Hint hint.
    69SIM69SIM - Brian? Museum owner? Ps. Cool town name!!
    katekate - yes! I reckon his bike should end up being in a museum to be appreciated :)
    XJ6NXJ6N ... I hope so... I hope so.... ;)
  7. XJ6N
    You've packed a lot of good days into this trip Valvoline! I like the stickered-up XV1000 from the museum too. May there be many more journeys like Kim's for you to come. :]
  8. kate
    Looks like another great day on the road, following the big day with the gang yesterday. How nice of DrSleepyDrSleepy to give you the grand tour... that daytona, damn I want one!!! Oh and I completely agree that sjmhosjmho 's bike needs to be on display in a museum like this!
      sjmho likes this.
  9. 69SIM
    Awesome to see you got to visit the museum at Nabiac, my dad's farm is "relatively" nearby at Coolongolook (you'd blink and miss it going through it on the highway) and he knows Brian. It's a great place, so many great bikes :)
  10. chilliman64
    hey ValvolineValvoline, I was just telling the chillibabe about how I really wanted to check out the Nabiac museum as I've never been there, now I really really want to check it out. I've seen some ordinary oysters in my time but that is one very unattractive molusc.

    some great pics and another terrific write-up, thank you for sharing.